SCARS Insight: Current Analysis of Scammer Data Compiled by the SCARS|ANALYTICS Division

The following it the latest edition of the scams & scammer data compiled, estimated and assembled by the SCARS|ANALYTICS™ division of the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc.

Current Data Version: January 4, 2019 SA5.07

PLEASE NOTE: The following data is partially or completely estimated or compiled based upon available data from multiple sources. The analysis is based on methods used at the moment and subject to modification, revision, and improvement at any time. All data is subject to revision and change at any time without notice. This information represents the best available analysis based upon available sources and methods. No warranties can be provided on the accuracy of any information provided, all information is provided as is, and all use is at the user’s sole responsibility.

SCARS™ Scams By The Numbers

Scam Victims

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