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SCARS™ Editorial: Let’s Talk About

Scam Every Race & Color

They really do not care what race or ethnicity you are – you are just money to them! Well, most of the time.


It is almost inevitable that race comes into the conversation when talking about scamming since a majority of it originates with West Africans. Nigerians especially have perfected their models and have spread throughout the world. And they have expanded and trained other Africans to scam almost as well as they do such as in Ghana.

And yes, for them, race is very much a part of the component but for a different reason than you think.

They convince themselves that they are fighting back against the Colonial Oppression of Africa.

Of course, they forget that their countries have been free for generations and it is their own greed and corruption that is oppressing them! The only people that still engage in slavery are them!