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SCARS™ Special Report: A Question Of Gender

Scammer Gangs Increasingly Use Men & Women Scammers

We have seen the increase in the use of women in scammer gangs or teams for many years now. It started with the girlfriends or wives of the male scammers, and then women started scamming themselves. So are very successful at it on their own.

Recently, we have heard of a cartel in Logos Nigeria that is only hiring women as scammers!

Why is that? Because in comparison to men, women tend to be more reliable as scammers, as employees. This is because they are focused on supporting their families. They do not run around and engage in the excesses that Yahoo or Sakawa Boys do – no drinking, fighting, hooking up, they just work and work relentlessly. Also, women have a better sense of the psychology and motivations of both men and women victims.

We are observing one group that appears to have about 200 women on staff operating as an outsourcing contact center. All women from top to bottom.

But we believe there is another reason for this also. Women are not being arrested in West Africa often as scammers.

The mentality of the African governments has a very hard time believing that women are capable of such crimes. When gangs are arrested now, the women just claim they are not involved – innocent girlfriends or wives and are allowed to go free. In the Western world would we believe for a minute that someone living in a house with five other men scammers was innocent? No, at a minimum they are involved in the conspiracy, but not in Africa.

We believe this is part of the new trend in hiring more women. More reliability. Greater effectiveness & profitability (since women are paid much less in Africa). And deniability in the event of a raid by the police. So far it is working, and we see this trend continuing.

Some Of The Real Women Scammers Of Africa: