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SCARS|ANALYTICS™ : New Study Finds Victims Not Reporting

A new SCARS|ANALYTICS Study finds that Anti-Scam Groups that post photos are convincing victims that reporting to police is not necessary!

SCARS|ANALYTICS Victim Reporting Study 2019

A study conducted by SCARS|ANALYTICS division over a 5 month period during 2019 of 9,263 scam victims shows surprising results.

As we all know, reporting crimes to the police and national police (FBI) is critical in helping government fully understand the scope of these crimes. Understanding helps government allocate resources and prioritize enforcement. This helps identify gaps in laws, treaties, and enforcement that can be corrected to enhance global and local police actions to reduce or stop crime.

Yet with the continued expansion of “one person” or small amateur scammer photo posting “groups” pretending to be real organizations, victims are becoming more confused than ever according to data collected and compiled by SCARS.

This suggests that most so-called “anti-scam” groups are committing fraud by misleading victims into believing that they perform services they do not, have expertise they do not, and have accomplishments they do not.