SCARS is an incredible NGO that has been instrumental in helping romance scam victims like myself to heal, to recover and to regain control of my life. Their compassionate and dedicated team provided me with the emotional support and guidance I needed to navigate through the aftermath of a devastating romance scam. Through their group support, I found solace and understanding, enabling me to process my emotions and move forward with renewed strength.
SCARS commitment to empowering survivors and raising awareness about romance scams is truly commendable. They equip individuals with essential tools and resources to protect themselves and others from falling victim to such heart-wrenching scams. Thanks to SCARS, I am on the path to recovery and have regained my confidence to rebuild my life.

I am eternally grateful for the invaluable work SCARS does, and I wholeheartedly recommend their support group to anyone who has been affected by romance scams. They are a beacon of hope, compassion, and healing in a world that often feels daunting for survivors of such fraud.