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SCARS™ Guide: New Fake Money Recovery Scams

Throughout Social Media, You Are Drowned In Fake Money Recovery Scams

Here is our guide for how you can tell the real ones from the fake one! Yes, there actually are real money recovery companies.

First: Anyone That Openly Engages In Direct Messages Or Social Media Comments About Money Recovery Is A Fraud

Here Is One Common Fake Comment On Facebook:

Strangely, these kinds of fake money recovery post comments seem to come from Portuguese profiles.

Here Is A Fake Money Recovery Scam Email:

Dear Scam victim,

This is National Crime Investigation Center USA.

In our investigations from banks on International and National Funds Transfer (INFT) protocols in the past 10 years from all banks worldwide. We have come across your contact details and records with one of these Banks. In view of the carried investigations, we have contacted you confidentially for vital information toward your transaction with this bank. It was clear that the bank have delayed your payment thereby looking for a means to divert your fund to different individual account not belonging to you.

However, all bank officials who mishandled your transaction has been duly sacked and management dissolved and dismissed from bank work as a result of this attempt. Upon our investigation conclusion, we found out that your transaction was legitimate and for this reason, a compensation amount of $3,150,567.00 (Three million one hundred and fifty thousand, five hundred and sixty seven dollars) has been allocated to you for immediate payment through our accredited bank, Platinum Federal Credit Union USA.

Kindly contact the compensation paying officer with the below details.

Name: Mr. Giacomo De Giorgi

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Scott Grog

An Instant Message Example:

Second: There Are Real Money Recovery Companies

Real money recovery companies do exist, but they are very few in number.

Unfortunately, real money recovery companies and fake ones will sound similar. They will both ask for money because these are not free services.

However, here is the big difference:

  • Real money recovery businesses are real corporations (or limited liability corporations or nonprofits).
  • You can verify their status by asking for their full corporate name and in what US State, Canadian Province, or Country they are incorporated in. For example:’s corporate name is “Cactil, LLC”
  • You can go to their State and look up their corporate status (such as for
    • They are a Delaware Corporation: such as here
    • And also registered in New York: