(Last Updated On: March 25, 2022)

Stop Local Government Data Incompetence

A SCARS Commentary

SCARS Commentary How Much Longer Are We Going To Tolerate Incompetence And Neglect?

Local governments are allowed to get away with almost anything when it comes to our data!
Some of their functions are covered under HIPAA and a few other regs, but most are as incompetently managed as the rest of local government functions.

A recent post by a processional cybersecurity professional said:

Just when we all though Cybercrime couldn’t get any more complicated (with Nation States, Transnational Criminal Enterprise’s, Ransomware, Business Email Compromise, Identity Theft, Data Breaches, Theft of IP, Insider Threat…….) we now have to worry about hacktivists groups stealing our local government’s internal memos, financial records, and more from over 200 state, local, and federal agencies of law enforcement data.

But this is the tip of the iceberg – local governments are horrific at managing their data responsibilities nationwide.

This incident just demonstrates that we have reached a tipping point in our trust in local governments. It is time to force data management into competent hands by nationalizing all governmental data management at the Federal Level. The Federal government has the best and the brightest and the ability to keep OUR DATA secure!

We need this now!

Police data is some of the most sensitive there is, and it is common for police to investigate innocent people to determine that no crime has been committed.

What is every complaint or invalid report was made public? This is death by the destruction of everyone’s reputation. Completely false reports will be considered true in the court of public opinion. Not to mention the potential for large-scale blackmail once all this data finds its way onto the DarkNet.

This has to stop and stop now!

We need a national data strategy that protects us all. We need a national cyber defense force – a seventh branch of the military – we need centralization of government data and centralized defense!

Learn more: https://www.wired.com/story/blueleaks-anonymous-law-enforcement-hack

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