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It’s Time To Remind Congress Who They Work For!


Things Were Getting So Much Better, But Now They Are Getting Worse Fast!

The United States is now number ONE in the complete INSECURITY of our financial system.

While Congress spent the last four years on witch hunts the U.S. congress gave nearly no focus on how bad the situation was becoming.

The ruling party seems only interested on fringe politics and not that every American can be secure online and in the personal and corporate finances. When the past administration was focused on cybersecurity, the new one began on day one to dismantle much of that.

This is not about one party or another, but about who has been doing nothing to keep us all safe!

Something has to change and it is not “hope and change” that is only making everything worse.

We need a return to law & order with strong compassionate and professional enforcement and a revision of penalties that reflect their impact on victims. Having destroyed the overall effectiveness of law enforcement through divisive politics, we need a completely new set of directions and missions.

Our next Congress must commit itself to real protections for every resident of the United States – that includes remodeling the roles that tech companies are allowed to play in society.

Technology is now a public utility, no different from electricity, water, and phones. It needs to be regulated as one across the country and the world, and held responsible for the harm they are doing.

It doesn’t matter what your identity politics are if your bank accounts are emptied and your identity destroyed. Your reputation can disappear in an instant, killing employment opportunities and your future.

Poor security IoT devices risk your very home and family safety. Predators can watch you and your children inside your home.

Cyber-enabled criminals can freely defraud any of us, and every one of us can be scammed.

It is not a question of if anymore, it is a question of how many times a year we are going to be scammed!

The web is now life-threatening.

Is this what we wanted?

Our Congress has allowed this to happen.

This is a global war as serious as world war two.

No one should be electable if they do not understand these issues and they must be committed to solving them.

We also need the complete repeal of Section 230 – the Communications Decency Act granting immunity for the tech companies. We need corporate and personal accountability at long last.

Our schools must teach real cybersecurity and cyber safety to EVERY student at every age.

Every major platform must require its users to take and pass safety courses online to be able to use their platforms. A few hours spent upfront would save trillions of dollars in losses later.

This is what we need as a beginning – as a course correction – a new direction!

Will you join SCARS in advocating for these changes? Do you think that this is a role SCARS should also have, to advocate for all technology victims?

PLEASE share your thoughts with us?

Thank you.


Dr. Tim McGuinness, Director
The Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc.
A government-registered crime victims’ assistance & crime prevention nonprofit organization supporting scam victims worldwide.