Romance Scam Information Alert

Scammers Are Clever, They Think!

But They Only Win Because We Are Dumber!


Anti-Scammer Tip:  Watch for a Key Phrase in Dating Profile descriptive text!

“Please don’t bother to send me message SCAMMER!!! Am not here for games.!”

The use of the word “Games” is the clue!  We see this or similar phrases on a large number of scammer profiles.  So keep your eyes open for this tell-tale phrase!  Of course, also notice the grammar, it’s also pure African Scammer Grammar!

Here are other examples:

  • I hate lier and not here into game. I don’t lie and I don’t cheat
  • Looking for serious relationship no game
  • i always tell only truth,i strongly believe that bitter truth is better than sweet lie!
  • I am looking for serious relationship who can lead to marreiad
  • I never speak negatively about people, I take less and listen more to people and does not jump into other people’s affairs
  • People were created to live in couple and I feel myself very lonely
  • I like to play game I am interest in man I love my daddy I love my mummy I love my sister lisabet
  • I appreciate others and respect other people’s feelings, opinions and cultures
  • I enjoyed playing a lot with my pets chiily cos it makes me feel comfortable at times
  • I’m soft heated and really care about people
  • As i have told you as well,i am new to this and to be sincere with you
  • I really want it to as well cus am not just here for this computer talk and am not getting younger anymore
  • This is all my deream because i have really suffered much here do to no body is caring for me
  • i love children and i love having a swet and enticing relationtionship
  • am not here for games……..Am a God fearing lady
  • I like in communication and getting an understanding
  • i was hurt so bad by a man that inited me but never came or appeared at the airport, i had to leave internet for a while because i felt so bad
  • i am not here for someone who is in for games
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