SCAMMER:  Tolu Smith, 35  Miami, FL or Chicago, IL

SCAMMER: Tolu Smith, 35 Miami, FL or Chicago, IL

A Japanese Scammer In America

They are now using ethnicities as well!

This Romance Website Scammer Is:

Tolu Smith, 35

Miami, FL or was it Chicago, IL?

The Scammer’s Details Are:

Relationship status: I’m single
Sexuality: I’m straight
Appearance: 5′ 7” (170cm), 93lbs (42kg), average body, brown hair and brown eyes
Living: By myself
Kids: Already have
Smoking: Anti-smoking
Drinking: Not a fan of drinkers
Education: Advanced degree
Languages: English, German, Spanish
Work: asst manager. I have a high income

The Scammer’s Written Description Is:

I am a sensitive, intelligent, passionate affectionate, loyal, witty, intelligent, humorous, efficient, creative, sensitive, caring, generous, communicative, sensual, charming, reliable, cleverly neat Man looking for someone special to share my world with and potentially, to grow old with….

Her Message:

Tolu — how are you doing today
Me — Hi, have you seen the new Hobbit?
Tolu — ??
Me — You live here in Miami?
Tolu — am not in Miami right now
Me — oh, where are you?
Tolu — am in west africa now
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