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New Claims Parents (or Grandparents) are Negligent

SCARS™ Investigative ExclusiveIn a new scam starting up in California the scammer claims to have photos of children in the car without lawful child-safety seats or restraints. The phone scammer demands money or will send photos to child welfare/social services & police. If that were true could result in custody issues and fines. The victim must pay $500 immediately or the photos will be sent.

While the fines are only a few hundred dollars ($100 for a first offense), the threat of child protective services and the police involvement is the real trigger/treat since even one report of negligence (and especially) repeated violations could result in custodial care of the children.

The Scammer Claims To Have Photos From Multiple Dates That They Can Send

While many parents will ignore this – few really know what the law is. So they