RSN™ Scam News: Scammers Retaliate Against Nigerian EFCC – Burn It To The Ground

Aftermath of Fire Outbreak: EFCC Relocates Data Centre, Inter-Agency Task Force

Following the outbreak of fire on Monday evening at the Wuse 2 Zonal office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, the Data Centre and the office of the Combined Inter-Agency Task Force which were housed in the two Storey Costa Hall have been relocated to the Commission’s new Jabi Headquarters.

Suspect Fire Destroys Local EFCC Offices

Suspect Fire Destroys Local EFCC Offices

The Value Of The Damaged Items, Mostly ICT Consumables, Is In The Millions. However, A Detailed Analysis Is Not Yet Ready And Is Being Prepared

The Federal Fire Service, FFS, Wuse Zone brought the fire under control on Monday, 19th November 2018. They successfully subdued the inferno but the building was heavily damaged. There was no word on the evidence against criminals that might have been lost in the fire.

The firefighters led by the Sector Commander, Melone Onyekachi, arrived the Wuse 2 office of the Commission when the Service was alerted of the Fire by the Incident Duty Officer of the Commission, Kayode Oyetunde at 1910 hours.

The fire started at the former newsroom which now serves as storage for ICT equipment and consumables that were retrieved from the Commission’s former offices scattered across the Capital City. The fire is suspicious and may have been deliberately set to either destroy evidence or to disrupt the EFCC’s activities in the zone.

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