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RSN™ Guide: Anti-Scam Security Test For Your

Pretend To Be A Scammer To Save Your Friends & Family

Do You Want To Save Your Friends And Family From Scammers?

Here Is An Anti-Scammer Intrusion Test

The purpose is to test your friends and family reactions to a real-life scammer. In the world of , it is completely normal to perform unannounced tests to see how people respond.

For This Test You Will Need:

    – Go to and create a new Gmail email address
    – Create a new Facebook account using your new Gmail address – share a couple of things from other pages so you have a couple of posts in your timetime, and use a fake graphic as your profile image – we suggest photos of puppies or kittens.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Facebook tracks browsers. So to have two profiles you will need to devices or different browsers such as Chrome and Edge or Firefox.

Test Procedure:

  1. Find your original profile and send a friend request so you give access to your real profile and all of your friends and family. This will also let you see what others can see in your profile.
  2. Flip over to your real profile and accept your Friend Request
  3. Go back to your new fake profile
  4. Send Friend Requests to all of your real friends and family from the fake profile!
  5. See how many actually accept the friend request.

The purpose of this test is to see how many of your friends and family will accept a friend request from a stranger!

Results & Conclusion:

Every one of your friends and family that accepted the fake profile friend request could already be a victim of a scammer, because they accept friend requests from people they don’t know.

You don’t have to tell them the fake profile was you – but you can to drive home the point. You can tell them that they accepted a fake profile as a friend, and what if it had