SCARS Is Developing a Romance Scam Crime Victim’s Bill of Rights

We would like your opinions on what should be included in this Bill of Rights for Scam Victims

Here are the key points for this set of rights.

Victims have the right to:

  1. Be treated with fairness and with respect for the victim’s dignity and privacy.
  2. Be helped to prepare their report of the scam in a way that can be useful and proper for use against the perpetrator.
  3. Be given an explanation of how scams work and what the victim can expect from the law enforcement process.
  4. Be informed of realistic expectations, that in most cases the scammer is never arrested, and there is no probability of recovery for their money, however, with the accumulation of evidence and reports, some arrests are possible but limited.
  5. Be referred to Compliant & Ethical Scam Victims’ Assistance And Support Group.
  6. Be reasonably protected from the accused offender (scammer / fraudster / cybercriminal).
  7. Have their identity kept confidential, unless they make it public.
  8. Be notified of actions that affect them directly.

What else do YOU think it should include?

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