Are you using online dating websites?

If you have been a victim of an online scam anytime in the last 5 years, you should never use online dating – EVER AGAIN.


Because scam victims are more likely to be scammed again and again.

You may not think that, but you are a believer. You want to believe in others, and that makes you vulnerable.
It not only makes you vulnerable to a better crafted romance scam,. but also to other types of scams.
In another anti-scam group, a woman was telling members that she was making multiple trips to Ghana, finding the scammers and performing witchcraft to get revenge. She wanted the members to help finance her trips to Ghana, she only needed $1,000 from them to help pay for it. Oh and, of course, don’t tell anybody that she is doing this! This is a variation of a RECOVERY SCAM.
Once you have been scammed, you are desperate to get your money back or get revenge, and if someone comes along and offers a solution you are predisposed to grab it. DO NOT!
You need to understand that for a very long time you ARE going to be vulnerable to being a victim again. You should trust NO ONE – NOT EVEN US! You don’t know us, we are just words on a screen. If you see someone useful to you great, if not that is ok too. But never accept anything that asks you for money.

Be careful! Be smart.

Oh and please send us $1,000 – Just joking!

Are you going to be smart?

Are you going to be a victim again and again?
Your life and future are in your hands, no one else can keep you safe – only you can do that!
So remember. Be safe, be smart, be selfish, be untrusting.
And remember to help others remember this too! Especially your friends and family members. They are vulnerable too!
You may be embarrassed, but just think. Imagine you were not paying attention when crossing a street and you were hit by a car. You could have prevented it, it was your fault. But would you keep your mouth shut if you saw another person doing the same thing?
So why are you keeping your mouth shut now? You are the most power weapon against scammers. If everyone told 10 other people about that scammers really do, in a year everyone would know and the scammers would be out of business. But scammers exist because YOU are silent. Think about that!
Bad people get away with it because good people say nothing!

Do not remain silent.

Speak up!

Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah
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