(Last Updated On: January 1, 2017)

It will soon be 2017 – Here Are The 11 for 17

Here are our official RSN predictions for the coming year 2017!

Let’s see in a year how many we get right!

  1. SCARS will meet with Facebook, begin discussions on the SCARS Plan, and Facebook will employ IP checking and other countermeasures
  2. Dating Industry will use SCARS / ANYSCAM Crowdsourced Anti-Scam Data Reporting Network information as a principal check on fake dating industry fake profiles.
  3. Facebook will shutdown most major anti-scam exposing Pages & Groups as not meeting their Community Standards and US & European Law.
  4. Remaining anti-scam Pages & Group will focus exclusively on scam avoidance education – not exposing individual fake profiles and scammers
  5. Victim’s Support Standards & Regulations in the US, and Around the World will require certification for any online Scam Victim’s Support Groups
  6. Most Amateurs will stop creating anti-scam pages and websites because of increasing regulation and civil liability. ISP’s will turn them off for failure to have proper certifications and liability insurance to avoid their own liability.
  7. Several hater groups will be successfully litigated over defamation issues. This will result in many more being shut down since they would not qualify for litigation risk insurance.
  8. At least one major anti-scam group will be exposed as collaborating with African & Russian Scammers.
  9. The United States Department of Justice with the support of the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams will prototype and launch in Western Africa a completely new strategy for law enforcement against online fraudsters by removing the profit motive from Western Africa scamming.
  10. The role of crowdsourced scam reporting finally turns the tide against online scammers with the complete cooperation of social media networks, dating websites, online email services, and phone forwarding services under a new initiative backed by the U.S. Dept. of Justice, Sept. of Homeland Security, UK Home Office, and Europol.
  11. For the first time in 25 years online fraud will actually reduce by double digit percentages.


Happy New Year!

The Whole RSN Team!
Miami Florida USA