New Thoughts About Old Problems On A New Year’s Eve!

Have you ever noticed that the people that complain the most loudly against ethical standards are usually the ones that break them most often?

There are a few Facebook Anti-Scam Groups that are doing everything in their power to put the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams down, defame them and their principals, and anyone associated. Why do you think that is?

Is it because they are so ethical and object to what they see? Far from it.

The most vocal has used dozens of fake names on Facebook, and even most of his so called friends don’t know his real identity. He has hidden behind these fake names to harass multitudes of people into silence about his own corruption, and accusations of child human trafficking. And he has the audacity to use the word “police” in his group’s name!
Another group of “Haters” routinely attacks members of their group if they voice alternative opinions about their group’s management and style. Here too the owner used fake names for “fear” of scammer retaliation, as though that was even possible, when the only retaliation anyone had to fear was from her and her group!
Others routinely name people in public and call them scammers. Obviously, if you suspect someone, the thing to do is warn of a behavior, and not call people out by name. Unless you have fundamental proof of scamming never name them by name, and even then you run the risk that Facebook will identify that as a violation of THEIR standards.
SCARS and its affiliates have developed the ethical standards that are slowly drawing the largest groups together into a framework that allows for real progress against scams, but many fear the loss of their personal power, and will do everything they can to retain their petty little empires. Not because it benefits the victims of online fraud, but because it benefits them.
We have said this over and over. Be careful what you believe and who you trust. Fake news does exist and haters hate – it is what they do. Fake opinion are routinely used as justification for attacks against others. Trust what you know and can judge with your own eyes. Ignore the haters out there, since no hater has EVER lead to breakthrough or progress. Haters are just another kind of dictatorial fascist regardless of their orientation, and hate is usually used to hide the essential ethical truth – that the hater has no concern over anyone but themselves.
If you see hater posts, report them to Facebook. Tell them you don’t believe that the post belongs on Facebook, since by YOU remaining silent is how haters get away with it. We are more powerful than haters, but we have to work together to bring the kinds of change we want to see. If you just sit back and let others do the work, how are you better than the haters? Your silence allows for their crimes. Take a good look at your own ethics. Did you do what you could to help? We hope you did.
From all of us to all of you, let’s make 2017 the year of ethics in the fight against scams, scammers, and haters!

Will you make this one of YOUR New Year’s Resolutions that you keep or not keep?

Only you know!

Happy New Year!

From The Whole Team
Romance Scams Now
26 years helping!