Nigerian Marriage Scams For Money & Visas

Nigerian Men Who Marry White Women For Visas

Nigerian scammers who marry women just to get visas and immigration papers.

From the Nigerian Press:

It’s a fairly common sight at Ikoyi registry.

We have seen photos of young Nigerian men getting married to white women (usually older). These photos, whenever they pop up online, brings out a general reaction from Nigerians.

The reaction is always one of amusement. You see, we all know what is going on. When a young man exchanges marital vows with a white lady, he is most likely pulling a scam. He is in it for money and the papers and not for love.

This scam has been on since Nigerian men sought for greener pastures in the golden streets of Europe and America. The hook of this scam is to get in contact with a white woman (preferably older). These days this is done online via several dating websites.

The second step is to make her fun in love with you. The third thing to do after she is head over heels for you is to propose. This is when you see these women fly into Nigeria and get married to a young Nigerian hustler at a wedding registry.

A few days after tying the knot, the newly wedded couple fly out of the country to start a new life. When they get overseas, London, Seattle, Madrid or wherever, our dear Naija boy flips the script on his naive bride.

“I met my Nigerian husband in 2008 and brought him here on a K-1 visa in 2009. I thought he loved me by all the sweet words he said, the hundreds of hours on the phone and webcam, messenger…..” wrote an American woman who goes by the username Rank 1 on the forum section of the website Visa Journey.

In 2014, she revealed how she was duped by her Nigerian husband.

He was on several sites. I was not aware of this until three months later. website subscriptions. He was on several sites. I was not aware of this until three months later” she wrote on the forum.

After chatting up women on numerous dating websites, her Nigerian husband told her he was leaving her on Christmas Eve. “He has ruined my life and my kids’ lives. He sucked $15,000 from me overall, he took my youth and beauty, he damaged my relationship with my family, I lost my best friend, he took away all my hope and happiness in life. I regret ever meeting him!!!!” ranted the American lady.

This is a fairly common style of operation for Naija guy who is into marriage visa scams.

In 2015, a British woman Deana Charles told The Sun UK how she was swindled by her Nigerian husband. “He told me he’d only married me for a visa. It explained why he’d been so keen to get me pregnant, the authorities would find it harder to deport him” she revealed.

It seems nothing will stop some of us from getting that Green Card or visa. What’s love when you have the chance to leave Nigeria and reside in Europe or America?

In America, some male African-Americans get married to white women because it is a status symbol. For Nigerian men, it is just another way to make it to the promise land.

All is fair in love and visas.