Instagram Scam Warning: Losing Your Instagram Account

Being Accused Of Instagram Account Impersonation

A SCARS Scam Alert

Your Social Media Accounts Are Always At Right!


If It Is Not From Strangers, It Is Account Takeovers, And Now From Account Blackmail!

This is an example of how stupid things really are at Mark Zuckerberg’s companies!

The Protection & Restoration Scam

You know how in the old days the mafia used to shatter a business’s storefront windows at night and then drive by later the next day and offer to repair them?

What a great scam!

There is a modern digital equivalent of this now on Instagram …

Instagram scammers exploit the Instagram security algorithms so that they can ban almost any account and then offer to help the account owner to recover it – for a cost

Here is how it works:

The Instagram scammers own verified accounts (often they are taken over) and once they are ready to attack a specific Instagram account they simply rename the verified account to the same name as the victim’s account. Very simple. Then they report the victim’s account to Instagram as if the victim is impersonating them.

A verified Instagram account is considered more trustworthy, so Instagram will ban the victim’s account.

Then the scammer will contact the victim and offer to help recover the account for thousands of dollars.

Nice racket!

We constantly say that you may think you are done with scams, but scams will never be done with you!

New scams evolve at a fast pace and unless you are constantly learning, preparing, and defending – you will become a victim over and over.

This is just one example!

Always Report All Scams – Anywhere In The World To:

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