Please be advised that Romance Scams Now does not provide phone based support. Our business phones are for that purpose only. We provide support by email, via Facebook, and our website. But with nearly a thousand contacts a day, our staffing level does not allow us to provide phone support also and we make that clear. We are sorry, but unfortunately we can not return calls.


You can contact us on our Main Facebook page or by email to


If you would like to contact us about joining one of our Facebook-based support groups – we can help you. Or you are welcome to contact us by email, or comment on our website.


But please understand these things:

  • All scammers must be reported through the SCARS Anti-Scam Data Reporting Network on websites like this one or on – NOT by messages, comments or email.
  • No one can recover your money. Anyone that says they can is a scammer. While we have recovered money for victims, this is a VERY rare occurrence and we NEVER say we can. Realistically, only law enforcement can recover your money, and even then the circumstances have to be right to permit that. If you sent your money through a bank or money transfer service AND it has not been picked up, the bank or money transfer service can revoke it – contact them directly to see if it has been picked up or completed, and what options remain.
  • If you are considering taking your life – please immediately call your local or national suicide support hotline. You can find international hotline providers here: or in the United States call 1-800-273-8255
  • If you are being threatened by a scammer – remember, scammers are liars. They use threats and intimidation to try to get you to send money. Scammers are also very short of time. They do not have time to waste on unpaying victims. Just report them, block them and move on.

Scams are terrible, traumatic events in your life. You were not thinking clearly before, so take a deep breath and start now. We are here to help, but our employees can only do what they can do. But we will do all that we can.

RSN Team
Miami (Doral) Florida USA