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2017-08-23T11:00:59-04:00August 23rd, 2017|


  1. Hanna Tam November 20, 2018 at 9:59 am - Reply

    Now someone used this pic with different names. Sgt Markus Roland. He is on duty in becareful with this man.

  2. Linda Elton March 5, 2018 at 9:55 pm - Reply

    he was never on facebook so I can’t report it to face book, I went to the face book sight, But I didn’t meet him on face book, I don’t know how he found me, he contacted me through my email.

  3. Linda Elton March 5, 2018 at 4:00 am - Reply

    I have heard from my Oconner man, he found a hate site, he has seen it, there so many names that have been used, It hard to believe so many people has gotten caught up in this, but on this hate site, they listed the GENERAL JOHN OCONNER, AND MAJ, JACK OCONNER, I WAS TOLD HE WAS THE SAME PERSON, I HAVE NEVER SEEN A MAJ. JACK OCONNER, WHY WOULD GENERAL JOHN OCONNER BECOME MAJ JACK OCCONER, I ASK THIS QUESTION, AND THE PERSON WHO WROTE ME, WAS NOT NICE AT ALL, SHE ACCUSED ME OF A LOT OF THINGS, SHE SAID I WAS BASICALLY A FOOL FOR TALKING TO SOMEONE ON LINE I DO NOT KNOW, BUT IT NOT JUST ON MAN I AM DEALING WITH THERE ARE TWO, ONE I WAS ABLE TO GET RID OF, I don’t have to be told I should never had talk to this person, that he was not real, why would I talk to someone I do not know, well half the people on facebook you don’t know them, I get invites daily my men who are in or suppose to be in the army, but I do not except them as a friend, one of these men, I did not except him on facebook as a friend, he was using another person messager, I thought he was logal, and that he already knew me the way he talked, But I soon learn that he was trying to scam me, he had all these big dreams for us, but I had enough out of him, i got him to admit he was just trying to use me to get money, I don’t have any money, I did not send any money to him,
    But the second man is the worse, I really got caught up in him, what I have never liked is him having money sent to me, by people I do not know, for me to send the money to Ghana, he said he didn’t want my money, he wanted me, but the bad part, o ended up paying the fees to send the money, I paid the person who took me to get the money and send it off, So in way I have gave him money, He sent me a email, saying LINDA DOESN’T BELIEVE ME AND I AND TELLING HER THE TRUTH, Then he sent me the hate site he found, and he sent it to me saying look who using my picture, I am freq out over this, He told me money had been sent to me, wanting to know how he could give me the information to send the money, I wrote him back that I could not send any money, that money gram had closed my account, which is not true, but I told him that where he won’t try to push me to pick this money up, I am in the process of setting a new facebook page, because I had a lot of hackers, and scams, I am being force to get a new facebook page, because of what these people have done to me, they say there a video of me out there, sent it to my friends, I was sent the video, but when I try to see what it was I didn’t see anything, I warn people that this was not me, they are going into my friends messager and posting things to me, one wanted to know if I was at home, if I could go to town, they needed a I tuhe cardl which I did not respond to, then later a get a message from the person account they had used, and told me she had not wrote me, she was sorry, I have no idea who doing this to me, I am opening a new facebook page, to get away from them I hope, only very few people will be on this site, I felt I had to open a new page, because I cannot get facebook to help me out. I know I am being scam, I am trying to help to get this person caught, he did his damage, he knew I had had a hard time last year, he knew I lost my husband in July to cancer, and then in Sept, my mother was killed, and he found her obituary, and told me what I had wrote on there, He good very good, he never made me not believe that he was not being honest with me, He told me a lot of things, He knew I had already been scam, and I do not have money, he said he didn’t want my money, he wanted me, he got to me at a wrong time, no I don’t make a habit of talking to men I do not know, but something made me want to know about him, so I started talking to him, I thought he was a honest person, then when he wanted me to send the money for him, and he started having people send me money to send to Ghana for his son care, I didn’t know the way the Army worked until I went to there page and then I found you, And I knew I had to turn him in, It has hurt so bad, because I really fell for this person, and I am sorry I did, I never wanted my sister to know I was talking to him, but today I told her, because I at the end, I don’t know what to do, I am not talking to him, other than he wrote me to tell me there had been money sent to me, how was he going to get me the information to pick up the money and send it off, I did write him back, I told him I could not send any money off for him, I told him money gram had closed my account, I have notified money gram, I am working with them also, there no way I will ever send anymore money, but what I wondering who is this woman sending me the money, he said she was a cousin, why would she be sending the money, why he having her to send me the money, I asked him why couldn’t she send the money herself, he gave me some reason, but this woman is sending money, and it makes me wonder if she really knows what is going own. I want to tell her, but I don’t know if she is part of the scam, I would hate to know she is being scam, and I feel she is being scam, and that why she sending the money, there has been some men, but there transactions didn’t go through, I don’t like these people having my information, they know my address, and where I live, I don’t like that. And I told him many times, I told him not to have money sent to me, but he kept having it sent, so now what do I do about the money that setting there for me to pick up. because I am not going to pick the money or send it anywhere, It a hard thing to except, that I got caught up in this, and my part with the money, I thought I was doing it was a sick child, a child who wrote me, call me mummy, and what he wanted in a mother, how happy he was for his daddy, he wrote and told me he was very sick and needed help, he needed money to pay for the treatment he needs, I didn’t know that the Army would pay for these treatment, I question it many times, I question a lot of things, but I kept on because I want to believe this person, and that we would have had a wonderful life together, I didn’t know it was a scam, yes I talked to a stranger, the more he told me about his self, and what he wanted in a woman, That he had grown to love me, I changed his life, that he never felt the way he feels for me, it does not sound like a person who out of Ghana writing all of the things he wrote, I force him to tell me about his family, where he lived, at first he didn’t tell me, but he finally did, and I believed him.
    But I have taken the steps I have been told to take, I do not plan on talking to him any more, I have had my say, I know there no way he can prove to me who he is like he said he was, and if you heard him talk about his job in the army, you would believe he was working with these men, he fell asleep on his computer talking to me, I had no reason not to believe him, but when his son wrote to me and said he need food, that made me mad, because if he was living with a uncle, why wasn’t his uncel taking care of him, why won’t he have food, he said he knew I would not let him down, but I did not send money, I told his dad he needed to do something, his son needed him, that when he said he realized he needed to go ahead and retire to care for his son, and for us to be able to be together. I am very upset, I have not been able to sleep or eat, all I can think of is what I found out and what I had to do, but not let him know what I have been doing, I didn’t cut him of total, I felt he may give me the information I would need to get him caught, I request many things from him to prove to me who he was, he has never done this, I know what he been busy doing, he scamming other women, and I want to help get him caught, I will do what it takes to get him caught, if it means I have to talk to him, to make him believe I believe in him, to get the information I need to get him caught, I will do it, But I have not plans on sending any more emails, I have had my say, He knows how I feel, I don’t know if he will try to push this money issue, but it not going to do any good, because I will have no part in the money, I just want him caught, I will tell anyone about him, I should have stopped talking to, but I was hoping I would get some much needed anwers, I finally talked to my sister, she will help me in any way she can, I didn’t want her to know, because I knew how she felt, But I am a person I can’t not say anything, I have to do the right thing, it has hurt, to find out you been used, and you are a victim, but you not going to get over it over night, it going to take some time, I am changing my email, and facebook accounts, something I did not want to do, but I keep getting invites from soldiers every day, I have been hacked, so I have no choice but to take those steps, I do not know who I need to talk to locally about this, I need to talk to someone, I need help.
    thanks Linda Elton

  4. Linda Elton March 3, 2018 at 5:04 am - Reply

    Do I need to change my email address and my face book page, because on face book I have been having problems with my sight, there someone contacting my friends, and saying there is a video out on my, they are sending information, the other day someone sent wanting to know if I was home, then they ask me if I could go to town, they wanted me to but then a I Tube card.
    Later I got a message from the person who the message was sent from, telling me she did not send the message, it was someone else who did this, there have been several problems that they are doing this to my face book friends, they are sending a video on be out to them, no mater how much I chance my password, they still find a way to get in touch with me,
    I did have a person who was a scammer before Derick, He used me, he told me he loved me, he wanted me to sell all of my things, now to pay my bills, he wanted me to send money for his children school, where they could go to school, he has contacted many of my friends doing the same thing and is changing his name, I no longer can send messages from my site, the only way i get messages if someone sends me a message, All of this has to stop, I block him he had a friend contacting me also, he said he been hacked, he came onto my messager on facebook as his grand mother, using her name, we talked for awhile, and tthn he started making demands on me, he said he did not have a facebook page, so he was using his grandmother I phone to talk to me, but he ending up sending me messages from a lap top, When I finally had enough, I knew he was scamming me, I was not going to send mone, I blacked every way he could contact me, But not to long ago he sent me a invite to a web site under a different name, his picture was there, I thought what a fool he was, he didn’t know I would know him, because his pictures were there, He had been sending invites to my friends, So someone has all my facebook information and is hacking me good time,

    After I block him, it was like the next day that Derick contacted me, and we started talking, I do bot know if this is a connection. It just strange all this happen, And Derick knew what happen to me with him, I posted pictures of the guy on facebook and warn people about him, I have a friend who has been working with someone, who has found out who he is,

    It just strange two men in the Army has done this romance scam, And how they found me I do not know, I don’t have a lot of information on my facebook site about me, I do have a lot of friends, and I hate to close the facebook site, I had it to long, I cannot get Face book to help me settle this problem, I don’t know what to do. I all the sudden getting invites from people in the Service, which I did not or will not except them as friends, I didn’t add that guy to my facebook, he just showed up on my messager, I have to men that I know of that is doing this, I had thought I stopped the first one, I never sent any money to him, and I finally got him to admit he was using me, trying to get my money, he got really ugly then, He was using two names on facebook in hangout, telling me he had been hadked and not to talk to the other person, he gave me a code to use, so I would know it was him, the other person did the same thing, when it was him on both. I realize he was a scammer, and I have not heard from him,
    Derick is not on facebook, is does not believe in face book, he said because of his position in the Army he could not be on face book so he only uses google to contact me, He is trying to talk to me, he wants to know what going own, he emailed me which he never does, wanting to know if I loved him, he did not like what I posted on the hangout, and did not know why I would not talk to him, he wants me to come to hangout to talk to him, he does not want to loose me, he said I was making him cry, But I am not responded, other than sending a emais telling him he did not follow through what he told me he would do to prove who he was, I have demanded answers I do not know if he will do this, I did this to see if he would respond and what he would tell me, I am trying to have as much information go mz hd ix x\\ bug i wanted to know if he will answer me, He does not realize the picture I have been talking about, he thinks it is another picture,

    I am trying har to move own, it is not easy, because I really got caught up in this romance scam, I believed everything he told me, And it is hard to believe he not the person in the picture, he is using, It is hard to except, I have been in shock, I hated to report him, I didn’t want to believe it, It hard to look at the picture and realize it is someone else on ts computer writng to me, i will get through this, it took me several days to except what the first guy had done, but I did not report him, because I have not seen anything posted on him, and he uses so many different names, I know he is being checked out, because my friend has been working with some one to get him caught, I never did money with him, But with Derick I sent the money that was send to me, It was not my money he was getting someone else to send the money to me, without me knowing, then he would give me the information I needed to pick up the money and send it to Ghana.

    So I have two romance scam. So it been really hard, to except that people would do this to someone who, never done anything to deserve what they been doing, I got caught up in something I did not know that was wrong, yes I am a victim. I do not trust men now, I refuse anyone from the army as friends, But some find a way to get on my facebook, because I getting people I did not know,that became my friend, when I never invited them to my site, someone is sending them invites, I don;t know who is doing this, I have stayed off of facebook for awhile, I gone to check my messages, I posted some things, My site is suppose to be a Christian site, I share Christian information with my friends, and to think someone is hacking me, and I can’t get any help from facebbok, I don;t want to have to close my facebook site, I have to many friedns, on there and had it for awhile, But I thing I am going to have to do something Any advice is needed,
    Thanks Linda Elton.

  5. Linda Elton March 2, 2018 at 5:15 pm - Reply

    I have sent information to the sites that I need to do. I want to work with you, to get this person caught, I having a very hard time to believe I became part of a scam, I am grateful to have found your site, or I would never have known. I am willing to do to get my part in this settled. I realized I am a victim, I have to except that. Now the steps to take to do what has to me done,
    Thanks Linda Elton

    • Romance Scams Now Editorial Team March 3, 2018 at 12:25 am - Reply

      Working to get an individual scammer caught is mostly futile. Most of the time it is a team of scammers that scammed you, not one person. They work in gangs and even in large corporations of thousands of scammers. You are far better advised to focus on your own recovery. Recovering after a scam is far more important that obsessing on the scammer. We deal with the scammers by addressing their larger organizations and the political issues that permit this to go on. No one can promise you that your scammer will be arrested, unless they are placed on a watch list AND the cross into a country that enforces the law.

  6. Linda Elton February 26, 2018 at 5:06 am - Reply

    What do I do if this man contacts me, I know if he wants some money sent, he will ask me to send the money for him, he always has the person send the money to me before he tells me, I have told him not to do it, I do not know the people he is getting the money from, It suppose to be used for his son who is suppose to be sick, it suppose to pay for his medications,
    This person never made me question him before, I don’t like sending the money, I did it because he said his son is sick, I am not giving him money, except when I send the money off, I end up paying the fee to send the money, And I do not have a car, so a friend has been taking me to pick up the money and send it off, He asked me for her name and address, I didn’t think anything about it at the time, and I gave him the information, then he turn around, and said he had money sent to her, cash, I had told him not to send the money to her, she wanted no part in the money, the money has never came, he has wrote me in concern of the money,, and what he wanting me to get her to do does not make sence, He thinks it the mail the problem, he said his friend sent the money express, and she needed to go to WalMart and ask them if they had the money, I cannot see what WalMart would have to do with this,
    I trusted this man, he never gave me a reason not to believe him, he know what to say, he knew how to steal my heart, he knows I have been hurt in the past, and I beg him to never break my heart, I had already had a problem with a soldier who wanted me to send money to pay for his kids to go to school, this guy wanted me not to pay my bills, and send the money to the man in charge, he wanted me to sell everything I had, because he thought I would marry him, which I never plan on doing, he kept pushing me to send money and I refused to send money. I cut off all contact with him, he uses a lot of names and he has gotten in touch with a lot of my friends and wanting them to send him money, he knows just what to say, I finally got him to admit that all he was after was money, he got mad when I refused to send him money,
    But the man who picture of General John Oconner is my concern, we were talking marriage, he is suppose to be retiring from the army, his son is in Ghana, He is suppose to be staying with his uncle, He ask me for money, I told him I did not have any money to send, I did send a hundred dollars suppose to go for his sons medication, But I have refused to send any more, he told me he not after my money, that he loves me, that I have changed his life, gave him a reason to live, he said all the right things, he knows I have been through a lot in my personnel life in this past year, I lost my husband to cancer in July, I got sick in Aug, and was in the hospital for a week, Then in Sept, I moved, and two weeks after I moved my mother was killed, So he knows I have been through a lot, and me needing someone in my life, to care about me, When he emailed me, I answered him back, He told me a lot about his self and what he was looking for in a woman, and lot of the things he was wanting in a woman, that is not me, I have medical problems, I use oxygen daily, he came in my life at a bad time, He knew I had a trust issue, That I did not trust people very well, But he won me over, and I begin to talk to him, and it went to a romance, he saids he loves me, and he wants to be with me the rest of my life, I have almost let this happen, if I had not found this site and found the picture above, Which he has in hangout where we have been talking, I reakuzed that I am being used and lied to, he not who he saids he is, he does not use the General name, But his last name in Oconner, he goes by Derick Oconner, he does not email me, I have emailed him many times, he want email me because he said there has been some problems in the past, so I only talk to him in hang out, He said he is a commander over 210 men, That he stays busy working with his men, and he has not had the chance to talk to me like he did in the beginning, in the beginning I heard from him daily, now it slowed down, it seems to be when he wants be to send the money off that he has sent to me, He said he been to busy to write me, But he always finds the time when I sent the money off, because he wants the reference number so they can get the money, he has me take pictures of the recipet, I always end up paying the fees for sending the money, I have contacted Money Gram and reported this, Because there was a problem of me getting the money from the people who sent the money, and when I called money gram they would tell me to tell the person who sent the money to call them, that the money was not sent to me, I feel that they are watching the tranactions, I wish I had known about him and not have trusted him, he caught me at a bad time, when I felt I needed someone in my life, he said all the right things, he never lead me to believe he was a good person and what he told me was true, and I believed him, he is suppose to be retiring, he was working with the General about getting released from the army, they were suppose to give him a date this past week but they didn;t meet with him,

    I am upset that I let myself get caught up in this, and pull my friend into this, I a person who is easy to fool, and I have been fooled and used, Now I do not know what to do, He said he was from California, but he wanted to relocate, so he was going to come here where I live to relocate where we could be together, He said he was going to get his son, in Ghana, and then he was coming here, I don’t know what to do or say, I have a friend who is very upset over this, She thinks we have been scam big time and there could be problems, I don’t know, I do not know if he will show up here or not like he plan to, right now all the talks we have are still in hangout, But if he finds out I reported this I don’t know what he would do, I have all the emails, he sent and I have sent him, plus I have his sons emails that he sent to me, he had his son write me, and the child wrote me and calls me mummy, he wants me to marry his daddy.

    Please could someone tell me what I need to do, I am scared and worried, I don’t know what will happen, he always been very nice to me, and when ever I have gotten upset over things, he always saids I need to calm down that things will work out, that it takes time, I asked him to get a webcam so I could see the person I had been writing to, I have not talked to him on the phone, or sent mail, he said he was not aloud, because of his job. I have only talked to him in the hangout room, I sent emails, but he never emailed me back, will only talk in hangout, I want to do the right thing, I cannot believe I let myself get caught up in this, because this is not the person I am, I have been mislead, I really believed in him, But not I don;t his name is different, he does not use the General name, only the picture, I tried to upload the pictures I do have of him, but I think there may have been some problems, This has me so upset, I just can’t believe I believed in him, I wish I never had meet him,

    He is not on face book as far as I know, he said he was not aloud to be on facebook due to his job, he saw me on match,com, somehow he got my email address and emailed me, That is how we meet, I get invites every day from men wanting to be friends, but I refuse to except them as friends, I should never let Derick in my life, I am willing to provide what I can because I don’t want to be caught up in this, I do not want anything to do with the money, I will not send any more money off for him,

    So I am asking for advice, what should I do, Please help me,

    • Romance Scams Now Editorial Team February 28, 2018 at 3:36 pm - Reply

      Linda, what you need to do is very simple.

      1) Report the scammer – use the tools on this website or on – see How to Report a Scammer in the menu.
      2) Block him – everywhere, and have no contact with him EVER
      3) Do your best to recover from the experience. If you sent money, it will not be coming back. You will need to accept the facts and try to recover emotionally – it is not easy – it takes time. If you are on Facebook, you can contact us through our page there, and we can guide you to a real scam victims’ support group.

      Unfortunately, that is all there is to do. Most scammers will not be caught, mainly because most victims never report them and because the information is usually not sufficient to identify the real persons performing the scam.

      We wish you all the best.

  7. Linda Elton February 25, 2018 at 2:59 pm - Reply

    I have been talking with someone who picture in this photo is using, he sent one email, other than that we have been talking in hangout, he does not go by the name General John OConnor, he goes by Derick Oconner, he claims to be a commander, that in Iraq, he is retiring, he has a son who is in Ghana with a uncle, who also contacted me, his plans or what he saying is, when he get out he going to pick up his son, and come to where I am, he saying his son been sick, and has malaria, and that he needs money for his treatments, I do not have money and I have told him this, he claims he does not want my money, that he loves me and wants to marry me, he wrote me a lot in the beginning, but has not as often, he been having money sent to me, to send by money gram, to someone in Ghana, who picks the money up, because his son is not old enough to get the money, I need to know what to do, I want him stopped, this is very hard to find this out, and hard to report it, but I know it the right thing to do, I do not want to be caught up in a scam, he was having money sent to me through money gram, but there seems to be a problem when the person sends the money, money gram always saids to call the person who sent the money, but I don’t know the person who sent the money, because he always sends me the information, to use to pick up the money and send it, I have not had a problem in sending the money through money gram, but I want no part in this. This is very painful to believe you can get caught up in something like this, I have question him in the past several times, he never gave me to think he was not who he said he was He knows I do not want any part of the money, he calling different people to send the money to me, it suppose to be for his sons treatments, I question him why the military not paying for his child, I need to know what I need to do,.

    • Romance Scams Now Editorial Team February 25, 2018 at 3:48 pm - Reply

      What you need to do is very simple.

      1) Report him here on our website – just enter his facebook profile link, or a full report – your choice.
      2) Block him so he can never contact you again.
      3) Move on, but stop talking to strangers online

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