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Anti-Scam FAQ: What Is A Relationship Scam


In the broadest sense, a Relationship Scam is one when there is a relationship between the scammer (or group of scammers) and the victim. This means the scammer(s) are communicating directly with the victim, as opposed to a computer luring or trapping the victim to exploit them.

A Relationship Scam does not depend on just one type of medium or communication type, and in fact, can include email, phone, video & text chat, text messages, and online platforms – it can even be face to face.

Examples of Relationship Scams include:

  • Romance Scams
  • Lotto Scams
  • Tax, Social Security, or other Phone or Email Scams
  • Sextortion or other forms of Blackmail Scams
  • Recommended Investment Scams
  • Grandparent Scams
  • Gift card Scams
  • Gambian-style Marriage Scams (these start as a romance scam and lead to a face to face scam)
  • Charity Scams
  • Police or Investigative Scams
  • Jury Duty Scams
  • Other Financial Fraud & Scams
  • and more …

In all cases, a Relationship Scam will have the victim talking to the scammer(s) directly at some point by whatever means.

Phishing scams and also lead to a Relationship Scam if it is used to connect directly with the victim, instead of just stealing credentials (logging and passwords).

SCARS provides support for Relationship Scam victims!

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