Editorial – A Pandemic Insight

Scams & The Pandemic Are Similar!

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Your scam and the pandemic are similar!

  • Both isolate you

  • Both feed off of your fear

  • Both exist in a climate of misinformation and urban legends

  • Both make you anxious about the future

  • Both have traumatized you

  • Both have created artificial barriers between you and your family & friends

  • Both make it hard for you to emerge from your self-imposed seclusion

  • Both make it hard to re-integrate with the world

  • Both make it hard for you to feel part of life & society

  • Both subject you to social judgment and blame if you do not conform with society’s expectations

Ignoring the medical issues and requirements, both have similar approaches to emotional recovery. To recover and re-emerge you should consider …

  • Do share your pain & trauma – doesn’t matter what the trauma is, the solution to removing the pain is similar

  • Do become part of a community – having people that you know that feel similarly that you can understand and that understand you

  • Don’t be afraid – you now know how to be safe and can apply what you have learned

  • Don’t wait to be saved – you have to save yourself – vaccines are available now for both scams and the pandemic

  • Don’t hide – force yourself to be out there and participate – but take small steps – larger each day

  • Do realize this is mostly over and all you need to do is clean house

  • Do use these experiences to strengthen your character and integrity, honesty and honor

  • Do understand that you can help others who cannot see the path out of the darkness – pay it forward

  • Do commit to your recovery and that includes self-care

  • Do create a transitional moment – a ritual – a Viking funeral for the scam and the pandemic – allowing yourself to process the grief

  • Do create a record of the event, the challenges, and your accomplishments – you were a hero!

  • Do not try to forget everything and block it out, but allow it to fade naturally over time – it will

  • Do remember that you had friends that helped you through this – even if you don’t know them and they are far far away!

As we see the end to all of this, it is easy to want to throw it all away and move forward quickly. But life-changing experiences will be carried forward with you. How they help or hurt you in the future is a decision you can make right now!

Make good decisions and resolve to make better ones in the future!

Teach yourself now how to make better decisions in the future, so that you can retain the best from what has happened and know how to apply it in your future struggles.

Happy Beginning-Of-The-End!

You are nto alone! We walk with you!

But Remember …

One of the hardest lessons to accept in life is that we are all prey!

Life is engineered to take and to kill. We are all just a part of a larger ecosystem.

It may be a lion or a virus – we are all vulnerable.

No one is immune.

But we can live our lives being aware but not dominated.

We learn to avoid risks and take precautions.

To live on the edge of the shadow – one foot in the sun and the other in the darkness, ready to lean one way or the other depending on the moment.

But never to live blinded by the light again, or to hide in the darkness afraid.

The path is the edge.

Enjoy both sides of the line while knowing your limits.

This is where we survive and thrive!