Disappointing News from the Nigerian EFCC
July 2021

Nigerian Scam News Update from SCARS

It Appears The The EFCC Is Not Making As Much Progress As They Have Previously Reported This Year!

According to the Nigerian Economic & Financial Crimes Commission:

  • They have only filed 367 cases in 2021 – they previously projected they would pass 2,000 in 2021
  • They have only had 185 convictions. This does not mean that half of them are being let go, it means that their courts are significantly delayed.
  • They have recovered more than US$350 Million dollars from scammers. NOT ONE PENNY has gone back to victims this year!
  • They have canceled plans for a victims’ notification service. This means they know who the victims are that arrested scammers stole from, but they are going to continue to maintain their secrecy about this.

Very Disappointing!

Here is a statement from the EFCC published today:

Often the Public ask where do all the monies recovered go to?

The answer is, all cash recoveries granted as final forfeiture to the Federal Government of Nigeria are transferred from the recoveries account to the Consolidated Revenue Fund account of the Federal Government of Nigeria domiciled at the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN. Also, huge cash seized during Operations are also kept at Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN as Exhibits pending Interim or Final forfeitures.

Cash recoveries made on behalf of Individuals, Corporate bodies, States and Local Governments are returned back to them upon final forfeiture of such Proceeds of Crime by a Federal High Court.

They add: The above and infographics represents only recoveries made in our Executive Chairman’s First 100 days in Office. Many more recoveries have been made and convictions secured since then

They claim money goes back to the victims, but they have never provided any proof or even news reports of this.

While we are grateful for their efforts and arrests, these statements and numbers are very insufficient.

We think it is time again to apply pressure on the Government of Nigeria to be more transparent and open about these issues. We are also tired of waiting for the EFCC to decide to notify victims of scammer arrests. We also believe that there should be demands that stolen money is returned to victims.

Therefore SCARS will begin a new campaign, and we need your help!

  • Boycott all products from West Africa, especially Nigeria and Ghana.
  • Sign our petition and send your responses to the EFCC

With enough pressure, we can improve the situation!

EFCC Performance Infographic

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