We Have Discovered Another African Scammer Code Word: COMFORT

A significant number of Ghana & Other Western African Scammers use this code word

They use it in their profile names on Dating Websites, as well as in social media, such as Facebook.

Scam Alert: If you see a dating profile with the word COMFORT in it – 100% it is a scammer!

Photos of Conforts:



Facebook Comfort Scammers:

  • https://www.facebook.com/comfort.mckay
  • https://www.facebook.com/comfort.lasisi
  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008214792321

More Comfort Scammers:  

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Sample Scammer Emails With Comfort:

  • honest_comfort@yahoo.com   
  • l.comfort56@yahoo.com   
  • tgifcomfort@yahoo.com    
  • desirecomfort1@yahoo.com   
  • comfortsm12@yahoo.com   
  • true.comfort@yahoo.com   
  • ann_comfort@yahoo.com   
  • ComfortMensah806@yahoo.com   
  • trustcomfort@yahoo.com   
  • comfortbaby111@yahoo.com   
  • comfort.assiamah@yahoo.com   
  • comfort_larnyo@yahoo.com
  • honestcomfort27@yahoo.com
  • opeyemi101@yahoo.com
  • comfortandrew78@yahoo.com.sg
  • comfortbekpo@yahoo.com

By Why Comfort?

This may make no sense to American and Eutpeans (Westerners), but the Ghanaians, specificially the Ewes people have names with significant meanings which either portray the spirituality of the parents or the circumstances in which the child was born. So “Comfort” is a named given to Ghanaian and other Western Africans simply meaning it was an Comfortable Birth!  Does it make sense now?  If you find a profile with Comfort, it is a Western African Scammer!

Please share photos of ANY Comforts you find?