SCAMMER:  Sabine Attah Cote D'ivore / Ivory Coast

SCAMMER: Sabine Attah Cote D’ivore / Ivory Coast

Money Scammers Using Dating Sites

Yet another 419 Money Scammer Trying To Fool You!

This Romance Website Scammer Is:

Sabine Attah
Cote D’ivore / Ivory Coast



The Scammer’s Details Are:

Do you drink? Seldom
Do you smoke? No
Do you do drugs? No
Religion: Islamic
How tall are you? 6’6″ (198.12 cm.)
How much do you weigh? 171 lbs. (78 kg.)
Do you like pets? Yes
Do you want kids? Yes
What color is your hair? Blonde
Do you wear glasses? Sometimes
Life is: Exciting
Do you daydream a lot? No
What kind of student are you? A
Do you read a newspaper daily?Yes
What is the derivative of x2Don’t know
What is your ethnicity? Black
What other languages can you speak? French
Do you have a car? No
Do you have a motorcycle? No
Ever been to Paris? Yes
Ever been to Miami? No
Have any piercings? No
Any tattoos? No
Do you use Facebook or Twitter?Yes
Do you normally start conversations with people or do you let them start conversations with you? I start conversations sometimes
How many times did you go out per week last year on average? 3-4
How many relationships have you been in? 0-3
About many times did you exercise per week last year? 2-3
How many hours of volunteer work did you do last year? 6-20
How many books did you read last year? 11-20

The Scammer’s Written Description Is:

I am Ms. Sabine Attah 26 years old, the only Daughter of late Mr. Jalil Attah from Libya. I live in Abidjan presently, an easy going person and love honesty in life. I love traveling and going to quiet places. I will appreciate to meet a good man of honesty who could help me to build up a good future.

Her Message:

Dear Friend,

I am Ms. Sabine Attah 26 years old, the only Daughter of late Mr. Jalil Attah from Libya. My late father was at the head of Oil Libya Company and filling stations in Cote D’ivore. I lost my late father during this political crisis in Cote Divoire, he was assassinated on 15 March (2011) by the rebels following a political uprising of the formal president LAURENCE BGABGO regime.

I have $6.5 Million Dollars in a bank here I inherited from my late father and i need a sincere person that will help me to move the sum out of this country to and invest it in a profitable venture. I will relocate to you after the transfer and I am ready to offer you 20% of the total amount for your help once we succeed the funds transfer out to your country.

Please if you are interested to help me back so that i will give you more details about myself and how to proceed over this transfer project. Get back at (


Ms, Sabine Attah