SCAMMER: Rose Banahene (truelov40000) 36 Los Angeles, CA

//, Ghana Scams/SCAMMER: Rose Banahene (truelov40000) 36 Los Angeles, CA

SCAMMER: Rose Banahene (truelov40000) 36 Los Angeles, CA

They Never Give Up

You Can Catch Them But They Never Stop The Scam!

This Romance Website Scammer Is:

Rose (truelov40000) 36

Los Angeles, CA

The Scammer’s Details Are:

am want honest man
Age: 36
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Country: United States
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Black / African descent
Hair Color: Black hair
Eye Color: Black
Religion: Christian – Other
Astrological sign: Taurus
Level of Education: High school
Occupation: Food Services
Income: $35k to $50k
Smoking: Non-smoker & don’t mind smokers
Drinking: Don’t Drink
Relationship Status: Never Married
Have Children: No
Want Children: Yes
Looking to meet a: Male Age: 31 to 41
Relationship Desired: I’ll tell you later

The Scammer’s Written Description Is:

am serious honest caring woman here and am looking for a man of God i can get to know him better because all in my life i have been looking for really man i can love him 

Her Chat Session:

me: Hi, thank you for your interest
truelov40000: am rose
truelov40000: single with no kids
me: Hi Rose
truelov40000: are you married
me: no of course not
me: What kind of work do you do?
truelov40000: can you pls tell me what you are looking for
truelov40000: i sell cloths
me: the usual
me: where do you live?
truelov40000: i live in africa
me: then why did you say you live in California?
truelov40000: am very honest woman looking for serious man i can start my life with him
truelov40000: am looking to find a good man from that state
me: I am not in that state – but to say you live there is a lie, that’s not honest
truelov40000: do you want to know me
me: First, you are Sakawa right?
me: Second you’re not a woman at all
me: Third you’re a Ghana scammer
truelov40000: am not here for games okay
me: why would I want to know a scumbag like you?
truelov40000: am not one
truelov40000: am very honest woman
me: You are a liar, we already proved that
truelov40000: if you like you can cgive me a chance in your life
truelov40000: am not here to heart antone
truelov40000: am looking for serious man in my life
me: how about I call the Accra Police?
me: and have this site take your profile away?
truelov40000: i dont have problem with that
truelov40000: because am very honest woman and i can meet them
truelov40000: am not a bad person okay
me: you are a liar
me: a scammer
me: a Ghanaian
me: what more can I say
truelov40000: i hope you know we have good and bad people in the world
truelov40000: am not one of them okay
truelov40000: chance take me as your friend and i will prove my self to you
truelov40000: am not bad woman okay
truelov40000: and i can do anything to prove my self for you



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  1. Anwar December 19, 2013 at 12:34 pm - Reply

    I met Rose online and after two messages she wanted a computer. Said it would cost about $600.00. I am still talking to her, but not for a computer. That will never happen. She says that she now lives in Ghana. She left America because the man that brought her to America tried to make her turn tricks as a prostitute. Now that I know that she is a scammer I will only continue to talk to her until she gives up.

    • Romance Scams Now Publisher December 20, 2013 at 6:49 pm - Reply

      Thanks for your info. This is important to share these behaviors – they are predators after all. Many of our visitors have suggested telling her you sent the money and give her a made up tracking number! Two can play at that game. We have no sympathy for them! It’s too easy to be honest. Also be sure to use our Juju Curse as your last message!

    • Anwar December 21, 2013 at 1:24 pm - Reply

      Just because she mentioned helping her get a computer to continue our conversations did not mean she was scamming, and I surely did not mean to tarnish her reputation further. Just because she asked for help with a computer, doesn’t mean I had to or will be foolish enough to send $600.00 seven thousand mile to someone I will never see.

      • Romance Scams Now Publisher December 23, 2013 at 7:41 pm - Reply

        How do you think she was communicating with you, she (who is really a HE) already has a computer. You may not want to admit it, but they pull the same scam on everybody. Denial is how they get away with it, you don’t want to admit you are being scammed, so you are allowing them to do it to you. Sorry for the harsh truth.

      • Romance Scams Now Publisher January 31, 2015 at 9:15 pm - Reply

        This was a message from a scammer covering his but.

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