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Being A Scam Victim & Getting Support

Being A Scam Victim & Getting Support Being A Victim Of A Romance Scam Is A Terrible Experience Things are fine while the relationship is going on. Of course, there are things that disturbed you but you are at least you were fully invested and and being fully manipulated into the distractions that scammer provides. But once it is over you are in shock and traumatized. You Are Not Going To Be A Happy Camper But [...]


WHY ARE YOU HERE? That is kind of a rude question! Imagine some stranger came up to you on the street and asked you that? You would be put off, right? But if you were in their house, it would be different, right? However, sincerely would like to know WHY you are here at this website? It's a rhetorical question actually - meaning you don't need to answer us, but you need to answer it [...]