The Story Of Kira Lee Orsag (aka Dani Daniels) [Updated]

The Story Of Kira Lee Orsag AKA Dani Daniels Or Why So Many Victims Believe The Face In The Photo Is The Real Scammer A SCARS Insight American Adult Stars Do Not Live In Ghana Every Day We Are Contacted By Men And Women Who Have The Unshaking Belief That The Face In The Photo Was The Actual Person That Scammed Them It doesn't matter if it was [...]

Dani Daniels: Have You Seen Her? Another Stolen Face / Stolen Identity

Do You Know This Girl? Dani Daniels Porn Actress & Model You Have Probably Seen Her Photos Before! Dani Daniels Is Another Scammers Choice Award Winner Of course, you don't really know Dani Daniels, since these are stolen photos used by African Romance Scammers, but she is popular! If you see her photo on social media or on a dating site - guess what?  She is being used by Online Fraudsters & Cybercriminals! Remember Dani [...]