ANTI-SCAM ALERTWe have been asked many times to define this!

What Is A Romance Scammer?

A Romance Scammer, Dating Scammer, Sweetheart Scammer is:

  • A Person representing themselves as someone they are not
  • A Person lying about their identity
  • A Person using false photos (of someone else)
  • A Person lying about where they are
  • A Person lying about themselves

That’s the basics of a scammer.  Any or All of them qualify them as a Romance Scammer!

However, it goes far beyond this!

  • Most Scammers want your money
  • Most Scammers want to rob you
  • Most Scammers care nothing about you and don’t care if you get hurt
  • Most Scammers will use your information to help them scam someone else!

Who are these scammers?  Look at this video and you will understand.

Q & A:

  • Is someone that lies about their age a Romance Scammer?  It depends on how much – if more than 6 years, then yes, they have a false profile.
  • Is someone that posts of their younger self a Romance Scammer?  If it is their main image and they have no current photos or bury the current photo, then yes, they have a false profile.
  • Is someone the lies about their personality or their details a Romance Scammer?  This is a judgment call, most people tweak their profiles, so most of the time, no, they are not a Romance Scammer.
  • Is everyone from Ghana a Romance Scammer?  YES.  It doesn’t matter how honest one person there may be, you cannot trust anyone there!  No matter how much proof, they could still be just a better scammer!
  • Is everyone in the rest of Africa a Romance Scammer?  YES.  Until they prove themselves to be honest, treat them like a scammer – from Angola to South Africa – Treat them all as scammers!

But Not All Scammers Are African?

Absolutely Right!

  • There are Latin American, Asian, Philippines, Russian, and even European and North American dating scammers too!
  • Though the Russian and North American can be physically dangerous.
  • Latin American and Philippines Dating Scammers use their real identity, because they know you can’t touch them.