uk-dating-scamsUK Dating Scams Move Up To Extreme Levels

According to UK crime statistics shared with Romance Scams Now, the world of Dating Scams in the United Kingdom have entered a dangerous new phase.  And it is coming from both and living in and the U.K.

What we are talking about is similar to the trend in the U.S. up to about 2001.  In those days the Russian mob was using online dating as a way to identify targets.  After the online dater had been down the path for a while, Russian Mobsters show up at the male daters home unannounced, and make their demands.  These were anything from money to valuables.  Their leverage was that they knew huge amounts of information shared by the male dater, about their jobs, their businesses, and even their children.  The only good news was that the mobsters were not greedy, they collected a few thousand dollars and moved on.  However, because the the threat of retribution and embarrassment, few ever filed criminal complaints.  One estimate had as many as 7,000 victims of this in 2001 alone – of course the good news was that this shut down with September 11, 2001.  It still happens, but a wise man has little to fear in the U.S.

Zoom forward now to 2014 and Great Britain.

We are now seeing exactly the same thing emerge again.  For those not familiar, this is similar to the plot of the 2001 film “