Anti-Scam Tip - Be Smart Against Romance Scammers!How To Trap A Scammer

Scammers Are Smart And Dumb At The Same Time!

Here is the perfect set of test questions to detect West African & Asian Scammers that pretend to be Americans.

Question Topic: Cars

You may not know this, but in the U.S.A. car names are different, especially for Asian brands, such as Toyota and Nissan. You can use this as a test of an American if the scammer doesn’t tell you they are in their native country.  So in Africa and Asia they have different models and different terms for cars and trucks:

  • what we call SEDANS they call SALOONS
  • they have a Toyota called an AVENSIS we don’t
  • they have a Toyota 4×4 called a Prado we don’t
  • they also have LandCruisers, we used to but haven’t for a long time
  • they have a pickup called a Toyota HiLux we don’t
  • they have Toyota Vans called Hiace and Coaster we don’t
  • they have a Nissan saloons called a Micra & Alerma we don’t
  • they have a Nissan pickup called Navara we don’t
  • they have Nissan vans called Urvan & Civilian we don’t
  • they have SUVs called Juke & Qashqai we don’t
  • they have a brand called Daihatsu we don’t
  • the have brands like Renault and Peugeot we don’t
  • the have a Ford Ecosport we don’t

So as you are chatting away with your scammer, as them about their car.  Also you can try asking them if they have seen one of the models above.  A confirmation means they are not in the U.S.  Also women, tend not to pay as much attention to cars as men do – this means if you are chatting with a women who seems to know a lot about the current models, you may have your hint that you are actually talking with a man.

Toyota Avensis not in the USA

New Saloon Toyota Avensis not in the USA