The Supreme Court Battle Is Coming Against Big Tech

The SCARS Campaign To Stand Up And Represent Scam Victims Worldwide

SCARS Advocating for Victims of Online Crime

The War For Our Souls And Safety Continues, The Final Battle Is Close At Hand!

BIG TECH is not going to accept the TEXAS LAW that makes them liable for their misdeeds and negligence.

Learn more about the Texas Law here: Texas law that allows users to sue social networks for censorship is now in effect | Engadget

They are going to take this to the U.S. Supreme Court to have it overturned. Read more about that here:

However, there is a strong chance that the case will stand in that a blanket immunity (which they now have and the Texas law removed) is not a right under the U.S. Constitution.

SCARS is preparing for this and we will develop a plan of action to support the Texas position to hold BIG Tech Accountable! One of our SCARS Directors has unique experience in business that in the past also acted to help with one of the largest lawsuits in history against VISA/MASTERCARD. We know how to do this – to submit an Amicus Curiae brief to the supreme court recognizing the rights of online crime victims.

If we go forward and submit an Amicus Curiae brief on behalf of all scam victims harmed by BIG TECH and SOCIAL MEDIA, there is a strong chance we can help Texas (and all peoples of the world) prevail.

But we will not be able to do this without YOU!

Such a legal battle will cost significant legal fees for SCARS – we will need to raise approximately US$450,000 to fight this fight.

Do you care about your future, the future of your children and family, and their safety online? As we move into the Metaverse, companies like Facebook/META know they have huge opportunities to harvest you, your data, and your money with complete immunity. This is our best chance to change this – right here, right now, as this case goes forward.

We cannot do it without the help of the victims of BIG TECH and the criminals that hide behind them.

You can start RIGHT NOW. You can donate just $10 a month to SCARS. This will help us build the war funding needed to take the battle to the Supreme Court against the biggest companies on Earth! This is the time, and this is the battle that we have been waiting for for a generation!

Will you step up? Will you help make this possible?

Make a small monthly donation – it is easy and automatic or a one-time donation. Ask your employer to make a larger donation too! This matters, because those same BIG TECH companies have been cheating small and medium-sized businesses too!

To DONATE to SCARS visit

Please write this down, since we are not sure how long we will be able to post this.

Remember that this is more important than ANY OTHER cause because this will affect all of them. This affects our free speech and the future causes that we and you care about. If we lose this, then ONLY BIG TECH will get to decide what matters and it will not be you.

ONLY YOU can help make this possible. And YOU can do it for just $10 a month! It is easy and fast.

You know who SCARS is – we are a nonprofit based in Miami Florida USA – we can be confirmed on the State of Florida’s website – look us up. You can see who our directors and officers are. We are a crime victims’ assistance partner of the United States Department of Homeland Security. We are registered with the U.S. Department of Justice. We are a Sentinel crime reporting partner of the Federal Trade Commission.

We are real, and this battle is real. If you sit it out, then you are just allowing another 50 million people to become victims of the criminals that hide behind BIG TECH.

Do this. PLEASE. For all of us and for our children’s future.

Remember, they want you to be silent, speak out now and support us in this battle!

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An incorporated nonprofit with headquarters in Miami Florida USA

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The Supreme Court Battle Is Coming Against Big Tech
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