SCARS™ Scam Basics: Dead Wife

It Is Amazing How Many Military Soldiers Online (Strangers) Lose Their Wives To Auto Accidents!

Have you ever noticed that in most romance scams that target women, the soldier or the engineer or the businessman or diplomat always has lost their wife to a serious accident, leaving them to raise their daughter or son alone?

Being a soldier is a dangerous profession, yet if we are to believe scammers, it is far more dangerous to be married to one!

SCARS™ Scam Basics: Dead Wife 2

The Purpose Of This Little Story Adaptation Is A Simple Form Of Introductory Manipulation

The scammer is trying to set you up for the scam – basically to “soften” you up by pulling at your emotions and sympathy for the stranger as a way of developing a “connection.” This demonstrates their vulnerability – which they believe victims will find attractive and will bring out your maternal instincts. You will feel a sense of pity for both the “stranger” and for the child – opening you up to initial feelings that can be leveraged and amplified through an Amygdala Hijack and then sustained.

It is also a tool they can use to help Gaslight the victim and isolate them. It helps to drive away uncertainties that will naturally develop later on by establishing a sense of guilt. How dare you distrust someone that tragically lost his wife and is raising a child on his own with all of the problems he is facing (according to his stories.)

This all plays into the overall “emergency” nature of the scam as forms of manipulation.

In the end, all each victim has to remember is that it was all just lies. Nothing was true regardless of how the victim feels about it. Nothing was real – it was just a story spun to evoke useful feelings and then allow for easier manipulation over the course of the scam.

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