SCARS Fully Supports Deaf  & Disabled Scam Victims

SCARS Supporting Victims Everywhere

SCARS Fully Supports Deaf  & Disabled Scam Victims

People with disabilities and Deaf people are victims of crime at three times the rate of people without disabilities.

They also experience some of the greatest barriers to getting help. Too often, victim services are not accessible to people with disabilities, making it difficult for them to get the help they need to stay safe and heal. Federal law requires government agencies and non-profit organizations to ensure their responses and services are accessible to victims with disabilities and Deaf victims.

From an early stage, SCARS has provided the vast majority of its services to help support both the Deaf and people with disabilities.

All SCARS support services are suitable for the Deaf (except for zoom calls, but a Deaf alternative is available to these as well).

If you are the victim of an online crime and you are Deaf or disabled, please contact us: by email at, via Facebook messenger, or by messages to our pages. We will help you and you are welcome in our support groups in English or Spanish (or other languages that we also service).

Do not think that no one can help you! We can and will!

In addition, we have a solution for how to effectively report the crime to your local police with tools to fully prepare your police report in advance.

To learn more about scams, scammers, and recovery – visit & – which also supports the Microsoft Edge browser reader text-to-audio (this is available on other browsers as well), and has vision impaired support on the websites themselves.

If there is anything else we can do to better support you please let us know.

We are here to help!

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