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Announcement: Today Is Day

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Today Is Election Day Here In The United States – Today Is The Day Where We See If The Gains Of The Last Two Years Will Continue!

Today is the day where we see if Facebook’s unlimited actions to get elected new congresspeople and help the party that will support them gets elected.

This election was as much a referendum about the Internet’s future as anything. It was about keeping a unified that could enact regulations to hold Facebook and other social media responsible for the harm they have caused.

You are the victim of the Internet Giants just as much as you are of the scammers themselves.

Did You To Enable The Giants And The Scammers To Get Away With It?

Or did you vote for Law & Order?

Sadly, so many voters have little clue about how the real world works. A third of the country votes out of hatred. They care nothing about policies as long as they are against the current administration. They don’t even believe in the democratic model.

Every one of us that have been victimized by cybercriminals