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SCARS™ Special Report: Scammers Impersonate Celebrities On Social Media

Did Your Favorite Celebrity Reach Out To You On Social Media?

Before you get too excited, are you sure it’s that person?

Really Sure?

We know that scammers, who will try just about anything to separate you from your money, are now posing as celebrities on social media.

They’re asking fans to send money for all kinds of supposed reasons – like claiming a prize, donating to a charity, or giving help of some kind. Some celebs do raise money for legitimate causes. But you want to be sure the cause—and the person asking you to support it—are real.

Imposter scams come in many varieties, but they all work the same way: a scammer pretends to be someone you trust to convince you to send them money. And that’s exactly what these celebrity imposters are trying to do.

So what should you do if a celebrity contacts you on social media and asks for money?

Slow Down. Before You Send Money, Talk To Someone You Trust.

Do some research: search online for the celebrity’s name plus “scam.” Do the same with any charity or cause they’re asking you to support—and learn more about charity scams here.

Whenever a celebrity asks you to support a cause always go directly (search in Google) to the charity’s website to donate. Never donate through a link in an email or on a social media page.

Never send money, gift cards or prepaid debit cards to someone you don’t know or haven’t met – even celebrities you meet on social med