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SCARS Archives – Example Scammer GrammarScammer Grammar Scammer Grammar (a term invented by the SCARS Team back in 2012) - is a writing style that is largely very bad English, bad grammar, mixed with West African slang and speech patterns. It is hard to define but easy to recognize when you see it. It is often referred to as Pidgin English, though this is not technically true. This most often shows when individual scammers (even if educated) try to improvise and create new written communications. Do a search on our website for SCAMMER GRAMMAR to find countless examples.
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Scammer’s use language for specific purposes

Sometimes to test how tolerant victims are

Scammer Grammar

Scammers are always looking for more effective words. Many people have learned to be on their guard, and they’re likely to suspect an overly aggressive phishing phone call from a fake credit card customer service agent speaking accented English. But victims still fall for the bad language use every day!

Online scammers use similar techniques. When texting or emailing their marks, or posting information in fake profiles, or messaging, they often work from “scripts” of prewritten boilerplate language. The most effective conversational gambits are saved and distributed to other scammers in the network, and they cut-and-paste the scripts into their grifts at crucial moments.


This is where the scammer grammar becomes more obvious.

The following are examples of language we have seen and copied to share their unscripted writing styles:

Val / Valentino AGUSTIN

I am a laid back young woman who likes to conduct her life with honesty and integrity. I am here in search of a Man who will be ready to love and inspire me. I’d prefer a much older man who at the same time is ready to play the role of a FFL. I did realize older men are better and more experienced lovers than their younger counterparts. He will spoil and shower me with all of his loving as I hope to give him my love 100 percent. He will be ready to make me his Doll and his Angel. Whatever you want, just Make ME the PERFECT Woman for YOU!

– – – – – – – – – –

Hi & good mrng,

My name is VAL short for Valentino. I’m only just
wondering if you will take me beaching sometime at the
Miami Beach would be fun I’d like believe, wouldn’t it?


Lara Ibukun (720) 722-4057

I am a very nice, polite, honest, committed and caring person looking for the

same. No, I actually am that and I am very confident of. I am a fairly humble and reserved man but I

can promise you this, if we are the right people for each other, the woman you looked at last and

the women that you look at next will never love you, cherish you and adore you as well as I will.

That I am totally confident about. I’m not looking to figure out the rest of a relationship over

coffee at Stabucks but in general people should know where they want to headed and know what they want at the end. KINDLY DROP ME WHERE I CAN CONTACT YOU AND I WILL SEND YOU MORE PIC AND ALSO

tell you more about me for easy communication as a result of my present work.

– – – – – – – – – –

are you doing my name is lara am 31 single no kid you
can write me on or txt me on my
cell (720) 722-4057 and we can go from there …

Elizabeth Hershey

elizabethhershey37 at ya who dot come. Fun loving tall blonde who loves to travel, meet people and make new friends. Never sweats the small stuff, easy going, down to earth, optimistic and happy go lucky. Mostly in blue jeans but love to get dressed up once in a while for a night on the town. Enjoys golfing, dancing, watching the sun rise over the mountains or going for a walk along the lake shore. I joke about finding a little cabin in the woods one day but there’s probably some truth in that, I like my privacy and prefer being out in the country. I listen to good old rock ’n roll while puttering around the house or outside in the yard. Definitely not shy, the world is such a wonderful place to go exploring, the best things in life are absolutely free, you just have to look for them. A good hearted person with a sense of humour, for without a laugh a day where would we be? A lady can never have too many friends so there’s always something to do and places to go, and that’s a good place to start, just hanging out for a while and if something happens after that, okay, and if not? I’m okay with that too. Not into the bar scene but do like to have company come over for dinner, or watch a movie, go for a drive with no particular destination in mind, just wherever the road leads to.

– – – – – – – – – –

Hello there,how are you doing today handosme? Your profile caught my attention. I would like the opportunity to chat with you to see if there are some mutual interests. I have never done this online dating but why not. I am new to this site and would like to connect with some new friends and possibly more. I do understand that there has to be an attraction for both parties. It is hard to do that online but I guess we can try. We can chat or exchange emails and if you wish down the road meet for some coffee to see if there are any sparks. feel free to write me a letter to my ads at elizabethhershey37  AT Y add A add H add O add O add DOT and CO M , you are to add the capital letters together to get the address as you are aware that the dating site will not allow us to share email sometimes. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers

Maureen Jones loveyourhear

Life was not too kind to me but due to the difficulties I had to live through I have become the person I am now. Being a young woman I have mature views to life and the precise understanding of what make the relationship work out. Many couples fail as they try to change their partners, which I consider unnecessary. Respect of a person you love, understanding of his needs and desires, the wish to find a compromise is primary important. The main thing is to love and make all necessary efforts in order to keep the fire burning. I am a sincere, honest, affectionate woman, a faithful and reliable, I can find a common language with various people easily. I enjoy doing things about the house, creating comfort at home. I am looking for an easy-going, optimistic, kind, caring, loyal, gentle man, the one who loves home and family life.

– – – – – – – – – –

Hellloo, my name is Maureen
single and with no children as well, I work at a shopping mall am the cashier, I love to play volleyball, swimming and watching television. I can say that I am very loyal and understanding person. Always try to be patient and to delve into the situation, I don’t like to make conclusions when I don’t know the reasons and characters of certain people! Honesty is a big plus of me as my friends always tell me. I like to help people and to be good friend! I just need the man whom I will be able to to show all my best qualities,I am not looking for perfect or ideal man here! I do believe that nobody can be ideal but I know that he just can be perfect for me! I do want your honesty and  understanding. I want to have the man who will show me his affection and love, add me up on we can chat more later take care..

– – – – – – – – – –

What do you call a