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SCARS™ – Chapter 2 – Are Stupid?

You Hear This All The Time From Victims

One of the things that is disturbing about many scam victims is the need to invent a about scammers that simply isn’t true.

Unfortunately, incompetent anti-scam groups do this too.

This is a natural reaction, but it is wrong

This is especially true when you are confronting someone that you can do nothing about. For example a criminal, your next door neighbor, a hater, your daughter’s boyfriends, a political candidate, President Trump (actually we like him a lot – because he is the first president in decades to really do something against scammers).

Instead of looking objectively at the facts about these people (scammers), people revert to emotional name calling.

Unfortunately, this DOES NOT help you deal with the reality of the situation or the person (the scammer). It creates a barrier that blocks you from a full understanding of what happened, your role in it, and how to prevent it in the future. It holds you back from recovering – preventing you from adapting to the situation in a healthy way – and allowing you to find a new future.

Scammers Are Not Stupid

Scammers are normal peo