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Rose Mary rosegold212 561-367-5178

African ScammerScammer A Scammer or Fraudster is someone that engages in deception to obtain money or achieve another objective. They are criminals that attempt to deceive a victim into sending more or performing some other activity that benefits the scammer.: Rose Mary rosegold212 561-367-5178 (photo is probably the scammer’s girlfriend)

Another Rude African Scammer

The nerve of some of these scammers!

“wise one only SMS”

She asks “are you serious with me”?  Give us a break and piss off!

This one even made it easy to find his real photos and details! God they are so stupid; but what does that make us?

This Romance Website Scammer Is:

Rose Mary (rosegold212)
Probably Nigerian living in the U.K.
Searching for that email address in facebook yields this profile: 

The Scammer’s Details Are:

if you jump i jump
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Country: United States
Location: Naples, FL
Height: 5 ft. 5 in.
Body Type: Slim/slender
Ethnicity: Black / African descent
Hair Color: Black hair
Eye Color: Hazel
Religion: Christian – Other
Astrological sign: Taurus
Level of Education: Associates degree
Occupation: Administrative / Secretarial
Income: Less Than $25k