Laura - Breast Cancer Scammer

Laura – Breast Cancer Scammer

Another Scammer Profile: Laura

Despicable Exploitation With Shameless Scammer Grammar™

Laura’s Details:

From briwell ohio. Living in Bidwell, Ohio

How much do you weigh? 80 lbs. (36 kg.)  

[really?? weight?]

Laura’s Description:

It’s a pleasure to hear from you, well hope life treats you better and hope all of your family member are all doing pretty great,I am LAURA 35 years old, i am an easy going woman , who enjoy life to the fullest and love to be treated the way i treat people..well here is a bit about my life..i am the second child of my parents….My Dad is from France while my Mom is From America…My Mom and dad meet and got married 2 yrs after they met each other….I lost my dad some years ago in a Car Accident and That Really Make me sad a lot whenever i get to see his pics on the wall. My Dad is a Business Man he work all his life with Oil and Gas Company in the State called Exxon, Before he got Transferred to west Africa to manage some of there latest fleets over there, he died when he visited the states to attend a wedding ceremony in new mexico….when i was 8 yrs old..Mom and Dad had a little miss understanding which lead to end of there marriage though it was a quite hard time for each one of them, i have a brother who live with my Dad and moved in with us after my dad died of heart attacked due to shock of the car accident..he was a quite good, caring and loving dad just that death took him away so really soon and it hurt me every seconds i take a look at his picture and all. i lost mom 2 yrs ago to a breast cancer which claimed her life and since then i have been limy life to the fullest just with the help of almighty GOD

Could it be any more Scammer Grammarish?