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The Terms We Use In Communications & Support Of Scam Victims Matters!

If We Allow Ourselves To Use Derogatory Terms, What Is That Saying About Us?

There are countless numbers of so-called “anti-scam” groups on social media and elsewhere. Many groups delight in telling you that you are on a “Sucker’s List.”

Think about that term and what it really says about these groups that profess to help scam victims. Think about what they really think when they use such terms?

Yes, there are lists of victims that scammers share and sell. But does anyone need to call it “suckers list?” It is like the term “Catfish” – both are very derogatory terms and insulting to victims.

This is where you see the truth about ethics in such instant experts and amateur groups!

A “sucker” is someone who has been conned, to be sure. But the common meaning of this term in the English language – from the UK to Australia – is that it is a dumb victim and somehow deserving of what they get! The same with “gullible.” These are NOT victim-friendly terms and they are banned from SCARS’ lexicon/taxonomy.

The use of “sucker” was derived from its meaning of “simpleton; a gullible mark often fooled, hoodwinked, swindled or otherwise easily taken advantage of.” The metaphoric source, the Oxford English Dictionary informs us, is that of a young mammal before it is weaned from its mother’s teat, calling to mind a picture of a suckling pig. Is this what victims should be identified with?

We think not!

We view the term “sucker” as hate speech!

How victims are thought of, both by themselves and society has very much to do with society’s acceptance and judgment of them.

When groups that pretend to help victims use such ugly terminology it is clear that they harbor deep hostility towards victims, in most cases because they are victims themselves and have never accepted that they were not at fault. The word is infused with judgment and blame!

Always avoid any group or individuals that use such ugly terms. Avoid groups that include the words hate, expose, revenge, baiting, catfish, etc. These clearly have no idea how to control their own emotions and instead inflict them on their victims. Or view victims as a laughable collection of idiots too dumb to save themselves!

Victims are neither suckers nor gullible, they are the victims of criminals, and heavily manipulated – nothing more!

Our own organization, SCARS, has indeed, gone through its own evolution over the past decade and our greater understanding of trauma-informed support for victims has led the way. It is possible to find dumb things we have said in the past too. But we are now in a fully-informed present, and there is no longer any tolerance for these terms or the groups that promote them.

Please keep that in mind! The words we all use matter!

A victim is just that and nothing more, and not to blame for what happened to them. Remember that!

Wishing you all the best!


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