(Last Updated On: March 24, 2022)

Dating ScammersDating scammers Dating scammers or love scammers create fake identities on dating apps and social media to coax you into fake online relationships. They often quickly move to personal channels such as phone or email, using your trust to acquire money or personal info, or help you hide their criminal activities. You'll probably never meet them in person. This is a relationship scam. Keeping Ahead


OOVOO - the new home of Dating & Romance Scammers

OOVOO – the new home of Dating & Romance Scammers

Romance scammers are constantly looking for way to stay ahead of us that expose them.  One of the ways is also to move to new media, sites, and appsApps Applications or Apps An application (software), commonly referred to as an ‘app’ is a program on a computer, tablet, mobile phone or device. Apps are designed for specific tasks, including checking the weather, accessing the internet, looking at photos, playing media, mobile banking, etc. Many apps can access the internet if needed and can be downloaded (used) either for a price or for free. Apps are a major point of vulnerability on all devices. Some are designed to be malicious, such as logging keystrokes or activity, and others can even transport malware. Always be careful about any app you are thinking about installing. as they emerge.

So once again, the scammers are moving, this time to OOVOO!  The social video chat application for your phone.

Unfortunately, with OOVOO, there is no easy way to know where the person is, or who they really are.

We have sent requests for information about the OOVOO technology, and how they are or if they are doing anything to control African Scammers, but have received no reply.  Our guess is that they probably feel that because it is video, you are seeing the real person, but are you really? No!

So be warned!  

OOVOO is another deep end of the pool with the sharks lurking beneath the surface!