Dating Scammers Keeping Ahead


OOVOO - the new home of Dating & Romance Scammers

OOVOO – the new home of Dating & Romance Scammers

Romance scammers are constantly looking for way to stay ahead of us that expose them.  One of the ways is also to move to new media, sites, and apps as they emerge.

So once again, the scammers are moving, this time to OOVOO!  The social video chat application for your phone.

Unfortunately, with OOVOO, there is no easy way to know where the person is, or who they really are.

We have sent requests for information about the OOVOO technology, and how they are or if they are doing anything to control African Scammers, but have received no reply.  Our guess is that they probably feel that because it is video, you are seeing the real person, but are you really? No!

So be warned!  

OOVOO is another deep end of the pool with the sharks lurking beneath the surface!