RSN™ Insight: Amateur Anti-Scam Group Distributing Fake News

For Those That Follow Us And Have For Some Time, You Know We Are Highly Critical About Other Amateur Anti-Scam Groups!

Many complain and ask us why we are hard on other groups? Why indeed?

They argue that they are all contributing to the greater good, right? The same could be said for amateur dentists or surgeons too, right? No, wrong.

The wrong information to the wrong person at the wrong time can have a profound impact. Scam victims commit suicide every day. This is not a game, it is people’s lives.

We Are Critical For The Following Reasons:

  • Amateur Antiscam groups act as though they are expert in the subject matter when almost all are victims to took up vigilantism to satisfy their need for control and revenge
  • They are not expert in any aspect of the subject, they learn from other amateur groups and perpetuate false information on to other recent victims who know no better
  • They invent and distribute nonsensical information (such as that below)
  • They focus on “exposing” an endless stream of scammer photos which actually both delays the viewer’s recovery and in many cases can reinforce the victim’s trauma – at the very least causing increases in anxiety and fear of strangers
  • They are ruthless against anyone that offers a saner solution both to addressing the problem of scams but also how to properly support victims
  • They lack formal training or any certifications in crime victims’ assistance or law enforcement
  • They are almost completely one person working from their kitchen, bedroom etc. or a small group of like-minded individuals. Or even worse they are a charismatic cult-like leader with a devout following of sycophants – still laking real training or comprehension of how to achieve solutions
  • Some are indeed well-meaning who try on the hat of advocacy but have never accomplished the tasks they are trying to achieve and in many cases lead the causes down the wrong path
  • Many profess to offer “victim counseling” and are not even aware they have violated the law by that claim – or offer support services that do little more than keep the victim focused on the crime and not their own recovery
  • They do not comply with the legal or insurance requirements that their activities would require

These are a few of the reasons why we hold so many groups in such disdain and is but one of the reasons why SCARS was created.

SCARS has a framework to help independent groups develop correctly and offer fact-based information and recovery support. In addition, SCARS requires that all of their members conform to their Code of Conduct and to the NOVA standard for Victims’ Assistance. Additionally, SCARS assures that members follow these or they are removed from SCARS membership and debarred permanently. No other anti-scam group has made any attempt to professionalize, and most do not even list the identities of their owner-operators.

Fake News

Here is a perfect example of fake news from another anti-scam group:

5-million-yahoo-boys in Lagos Nigerian - Fake News

5-million Yahoo Boys in Lagos Nigerian – Fake News

This as a gross and false exaggeration. We believe the number is closer to 50-70,000 in all of Nigeria (out of 110,000 worldwide)

Think for a moment about what that number would mean? 5 Million Yahoo Boys in Lagos?  There are only about 200 million Nigerians total. There are only about 20 million residents of the larger metropolitan Lagos region.

If the number were correct then one in four Lagos residents is a scammer. Frankly, that is laughably false. If 1 in 4 were scammers, there would be a total breakdown of all services in a major metro area – there would not be enough people to distribute services, provide healthcare, or any other businesses or industries in that region. EVERYTHING would be geared toward supporting the scammers, which is patently not true. Additionally, if it were true, the Yahoo Boys would represent a larger force than ISIS did. That would bring in the attention of the world’s military.

This Is A Perfect Example Of Clueless Fake News

Sadly, as you could see from a recent SCARS Infographic – recent victims flock to the new snake-oil salesmen in the guise of anti-scammers. Most victims end up in the hands of incompetent amateurs and kitchen table wanna-be experts. There is not a thing we can do about people grasping at other fakes thinking they know what they are saying.

All we can do is issue the warning, recognizing that this also brings the hatred of these groups down upon us in the process.

To New Victims, We Offer This Advice – Be Careful Out There – The Fakes Are Not Just The Ones That Ask For Your Money! Trust No One!

Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams

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FAQ: How Do You Properly Report Scammers?

It is essential that law enforcement knows about scams & scammers, even though there is nothing (in most cases) that they can do.

Always report scams involving money lost or where you received money to:

  1. Local Police – ask them to take an “informational” police report – say you need it for your insurance
  2. Your National Police or FBI (
  3. The Scars Worldwide Reporting Network HERE or on

This helps your government understand the problem, and allows law enforcement to add scammers on watch lists worldwide.

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