How to Report Scams/Fraud & Cybercrime - Reporting Scams

COUNTRY: New Zealand

AGENCY/ENTITY: New Zealand Police






(Last Updated On: November 27, 2021)

Report cybercrime:

Cybercrime covers a wide range of online offending where computers or devices are used to facilitate a crime or are the target of the crime.

Reporting cybercrime is just like reporting any other offence. Call 111 in an emergency. For example, if you’ve received an electronic message with an immediate and believable threat such as “I’m coming around now and I’m going to kill you”, that would be an emergency.

For non-emergency incidents or crimes you can still report by phone using 105, online to 105 or in person.

Report any online internet safety concerns and harmful digital communications issues to Netsafe.

Report any cyber security issues to CERT NZ or by phoning 0800 CERT NZ (0800 2378 69) Monday to Friday 7 am – 7pm.

Netsafe and CERT NZ may in some circumstances and with your consent, share some information with Police.  This is not a Police report.

To report cybercrime to Police you will need to speak with a police representative or enter it online so that we can get all the right information.



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