Phishy Emails Are Meant To Not Smell Fishy!

Guest Article by Dana Mantilla
President & Founder of Identity Protection Planning LLC. & Board of Directors, Better Business Bureau

When was the last time you opened your email and didn’t find a spam message by some Mr. Creepy?


You know this isn’t your Disneyworld and everybody is just used to it nowadays.

Most of us are aware of the online phishing attempts but we still fall prey even after smelling something tricky. Do you know why? It is because scammers like Mr. Creepy are a step ahead when it comes to tricking us with the way these emails are fashioned.

Just to be on the safer side, it is much better to take some time to review your emails than falling into the trap by clicking on it right away. When you receive an email, which asks you to:

  • Review and update your account information
  • Requests you to log in and change your password
  • ‘Click Here’ to collect your winnings or prize money

Stop right there! Do not click.

Upon receiving such requests, go to the company’s original website and contact them through the official details, and ask whether they need you to update your account information.

But what if you click through the email? Well, please don’t. You might be downloading malware onto your computer.

The bottom line is to take a few extra minutes to review each email. Look at the email address of who it says its it from, not just the name but the actual email address. Also hover over any links in the body of the email preview