(Last Updated On: July 29, 2021)

No Social Media Cares About Your Safety
The New Bottled App Is No Exception

Your Online Safety Matters!

A SCARS Insight

People never learn …

Especially businesses – after decades of online crime we see an endless stream of great ideas that just lead to more victims!

The new Bottled App is no exception!

It’s a new social media platform to connect you with more strangers, but what could go wrong? It’s full of scammers!

The Bottled App - Connecting you with even more scammers!

The Bottled App is a Great Idea!

But it is already filling up with scammers

They are easy to spot by photo searches, and contain the usual suspects!

According to Bottled:

Your message to the world… in a Bottle

Write your message, place it in a bottle, launch it into the sunset… Meeting new people has never been so simple.

Meet new friends, learn new languages and discover new cultures. Bottled allows you to send a message to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Whether you are looking for a friend, a pen pal, or simply an intellectual connection, let serendipity decide your chance encounters with Bottled!

But scam victims know only too well where this leads!

More strangers mean more scammers who already flood all other social platforms and websites the world over. After all, Facebook appears to be over 50% fakes, and most dating websites have an even higher percentage!

Why is this?

Because business cares ONLY about “active users” and all of those fake profiles show up as active users – increasing shareholder value and advertising rates. This is what big tech cares about – not the victims they leave behind.

In our opinion, this is a nice idea, but yet another social media platform to leave on the island.

1 out of 10 for safety!

Always Report All Scams – Anywhere In The World To:

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U.S. FTC at https://reportfraud.ftc.gov/#/?orgcode=SCARS and SCARS at www.Anyscams.com
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