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If you have been scammed by a Nigerian and have reasonable proof of this (not a suspicion).  You can contact the Nigerian National Police and file a report.  The Nigerians do investigate cases of Internet Money Crimes, such as 419 money fraud and Dating Scams.

However, you should note, that in all probability, nothing will happen.  You should also use the other tools here to report the crime to the FBI and IC3.   Not only will you have done the right thing, and by keeping copies of your reports, you also will have the ability to claim a tax deduction for your loss.

The following provides the Nigerian Police contact information, and help in reporting crimes.

Nigerian Police

Nigerian Police Headquarters:

Attn: E-Policing Bureau
Louis Edet House, Area 11 Garki, Abuja
Phone Number: (234) 706622820
Email: policemonitor@npf.gov.ng

Website: http://www.npf.gov.ng

Contact Page On Their Website:  http://www.npf.gov.ng

The Nigerian Government Has A Commitment To Policing The Internet

According to their website:


What is E-Policing? 

E-policing are ways of bringing policing to the internet. The E-policing programs enable us to email newsletters, crime trends and other important information to you.

How does it work?

The best law enforcement agencies know that when people are informed they become involved. When you sign up for E-policing you receive emails from us that address local issues to help keep you safe and informed. We hope that you reciprocate by working with us in providing important crime information. We appreciate your input.

Get involved:

The Nigeria Police depends on you to help fight crime in your neighbourhood. Partner with us to make our communities safer places to live, to work and to play.

mainheader[1]Nigerian Police Special Fraud Unit

In addition, the Nigerian Police Have A Special Fraud Unit http://specialfraudunit.org.ng/

You can contact them directly at:  report@specialfraudunit.org.ng

The Nigeria Police Special Fraud Unit is a section of the Force Criminal Investigation Department (FCID), a highest investigation arm of the Nigeria Police.

The SFU is headed by the Commissioner of Police – Mr. Tunde Ogunsakin and Its function include investigation and prosecution of serious and complex fraudulent cases within and outside the country.

The SFU serve as an internal resource within the FCID, conducting research and investigation into potential fraudulent activity. The Special Fraud Unit, provides assistance in reviewing situations where potential fraud has been identified. The definition of fraud is the “intentional misrepresentation of a material fact for personal gain”.

The SFU comprises of investigators who focus on both employee and employer fraud. In order to recognize potential fraud instances, the special investigator uses a thorough investigation procedure.

If you have a potential fraud situation that you would like to report, please call and ask to speak with our Investigation Unit at SFU. You can also call the State of Rhode Island’s Fraud and email SFU directly using report@specialfraudunit.org.ng

Should you wish to report a suspicion of FRAUD to SFU on-line: http://specialfraudunit.org.ng/contact.html

Please Note:

The ways of Western Africa can be slow and seem very frustrating.  However, if you do not report frauds and scams, the criminals always get away with it.  Each of us has a responsibility to ourselves and to others to help stop this scourge on the Internet.  We encourage you to report all forms of scams to your local National Authorities, and if it originated in Nigeria to report it to them too!



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