Doreem Wyn (doreenwyn) is looking for an Escort!

Doreem Wyn (doreenwyn) is looking for an Escort!

New Escort Scam

Well, maybe not new, but more recently growing.

This new Dating Scam is all about someone saying they are coming to visit your city, and they need an ESCORT.

Of course, the mere fact that they use the term “Escort” raises immediate red-flags.  Because, we all know what an “escort” really is.  We won’t tell them what they should be saying, just leave it as is, so we can sport them more easily.

Sample Message:

Hello, I wish to be in your city by 20th of September,2014 for my Vacation and i need a reliable someone to be my Casual Companionship (Escort), So will you be my escort in my hotel in your area ,if you ‘re interested. I’ll be glad to read from you soon

Notice the usual SCAMMAR GRAMMER – odd capitalization, odd phrasing, etc.

In “her” Dating profile she says:

Im gentle, easy going with good sense of humor i like meet new people making a friend, i like swimming, Travel and i golf in my leisure , I need a responsible someone to be my Casual Companionship.

This one is From Richland WA,. Living in Richland, Washington.

In short, yes it is a scam.