teresa raney hill teresaraneyhill@yahoo.com

teresa raney hill teresaraneyhill@yahoo.com

Another Stolen Photo Scammer

They always screw up the details!

Teresa Raney Hill
New York. Living in New York City, New York.



Phone:  (646) 701-5692  

[New York Number]

Teresa Raney Hill’s Details:

Do you drink? No
Do you smoke? No
Do you do drugs? No
Religion: Christian
How tall are you? 5’7″ (170.18 cm.)
How much do you weigh? 70 lbs. (32 kg.)
What was your income last year?below $25,000
Do you like pets? Yes
Do you want kids? Yes
What color is your hair? Brown
Do you wear glasses? No
Life is: Exciting
Do you daydream a lot? No
Do you read a newspaper daily? No
What is the derivative of x2? 2x
What is your ethnicity? Native American

Teresa Raney Hill’s Description:

Am a lady of 29 who wants to be loved and cared for. i am from a family of one and being the only daughter and only child of my late parents. You can as well contact me directly on my e-mail at teresaraneyhill26@outlook.com or text me on (646) 701-5692 and you can as well contact me on messenger at   teresaraneyhill@yahoo.com

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